6 most important differences between a father and a dad


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6 most important differences between a father and a dad – The Daily Net


Who is a father and who is a dad? A father is someone who is responsible for conceiving the child but a dad is one who nurtures. While father and dad may be used as synonyms, there is a big difference between the two. The fact is becoming a father is easy but becoming a dad is a life-long pursuit and not every father has what it takes to be a dad. So, what are the biggest differences between the two?


#1 A father is biological, dad is emotional

A father is someone whose genes are carried on by the child. He is responsible for the conception and plays a purely biological role. Every man who is capable of reproduction can become a father and it does not take much effort to be one.


Dad, on the other hand, is an emotional term. It has a value attached to it. Becoming a dad means accepting each and every responsibility of the child and adding to their growth. A dad is responsible for the mental, physical, and emotional well-being of the kid, unlike a father who may not take these responsibilities.



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