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A Scary Moment At Target In Sarasota Prompts Fears Of Human Trafficking 


A Scary Moment At Target In Sarasota Prompts Fears Of Human Trafficking





Funny, I broke this story about a week ago and had over 30,000 visits to the article.  Yet, WWSB makes no reference to the Scoop.  They just say caused a firestorm on social media………….  Their report is at the bottom, after my original post last week, which had over 40,000 visits.  Frankie

8.14.17 From Jenna who sent me this post after reading it today.  Oddly enough Bill Warner a PI out of Sarasota wrote an article earlier this year, regarding this subject and how it has become an issue from Florida to New York.  You can read it at:
Aron  8.13.17

It’s been a rough evening so I am just now getting a chance to type this all out. But i want all parents to be aware incase you find yourself in a similar situation that Blue and I encountered this evening at Target on University Parkway.

Blue was looking at toys, making her birthday wishlist, and playing, and being adorable. I saw 2 ladies come onto the isle we were in, and didnt really pay much attention to them. I did, however, notice that they weren’t looking at toys or even at the shelves, but were watching us. It was 2 ladies, darker complected with black hair. One about my age and the other probably in her 40s. The younger lady said “excuse me, can I ask you something?” So I briefly looked up and said “sure.” She then asked, ” Have you ever been told about God the Mother?” I answered “I’ve vaguely heard about it, but nothing specific.” – she started trying to tell me about how its through the bible, but had no additional info, no references – (when someone told me about this years ago at my door, they were well rehearsed with references and yada yada.) She just kept kind of repeating her same sentence over in different ways and it was immediately clear that she was trying to distract me. I stopped paying even a small amount of attention to her and looked down at Blue, put one hand on her and one hand on our cart. While all of this was happening, the older woman was texting – she would look at us, then type more…. as it was becoming clear to this lady that I was not engaging in this ridiculous conversation, she turned her fixation to Blue. “Her blonde hair is just so beautiful. And her blue eyes. She is so gorgeous. Seriously, those blonde curls.”…I kept my hands on Blue, doing the polite “smile and nod” because I was starting to be concerned about it going south if I flipped out on them like I wanted to… I’m not exactly in peak fighting condition at the moment…. then, the younger girl totally gave up and was like “well i will let you go. You’ve got your hands full.” And the older one interjected, “Are you having a boy or girl? How far along are you? Do you think he will have blonde hair like her’s?” I just tried to remain calm and polite and was at this point holding on to Blue with 2 hands. Through the whole interaction, they had been creeping closer and closer, actually nudging us out of the isle and into open space where I had less of a barrier to keep Blue right beside me. I told them to have a nice day and knelt down next to Blue and held onto her until they left the isle. They had zero items in their cart, were trying desperately to make a “connection” with me as a mom with this schpeel about “every living thing being born from a mother” and they were trolling the toy department. Anyone who has ANY experience with “evangelism” knows that NO ONE will shut you down or slam a door in your face faster than a busy mom with her hands full…. so if they were actually out proselytizing, they would not be doing it in the toy section…. if they wanted to steal my wallet, they would not have needed to talk to me – i had my back to my cart the whole time they were there before they spoke to me, because I was playing with Blue. They were 100% trying to distract me from my child. I have no doubt that woman was texting our description to someone in the parking lot…

I buckled Blue into the cart and we went straight to customer service and asked for security. The employees were horrified and handled it wonderfully. A male employee who saw them talking to us said he too noticed they were not actually shopping but just walking up and down isles. He went back to look for them. They alerted security to watch them on the monitors…

I have read articles saying that trafficking rings have targeted blonde haired, blue eyed kids. I didnt know if that was true or not… well these women were FIXATED on her hair and eyes, and wanted to know how likely I thought it was that my child in my body would have the same. THESE PEOPLE HAD HORRIBLE INTENTIONS.

Please keep all eyes on your babies…. I know people don’t want to be “helicopter parents” but I fully believe that if I weren’t right on top of Blue this evening, and if I hadn’t trusted my gut instinct, that things would have gone horribly wrong, and Blue and I both would have been taken so they could take Dalton later… I’m not trying to be over dramatic – this was a bad situation….


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