African Migrants Threaten to Kill Italian Cargo Vessel Crew Who Rescued Them



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Didn’t want to be returned to Libya


African migrants threatened to kill the crew of the Italian cargo vessel who rescued them because they wanted to travel to the welfare havens of Europe and not be returned to a Libyan detention center.

“The Italian coastguard picked up the migrants after receiving a call for help from the ship. They were being taken yesterday to Italy where the ringleaders will be questioned by police over the incident,” reports the London Times.

“The mutiny on the Vos Thalassa marked an escalation in problems in the Mediterranean after Italy’s new populist government refused entry to migrants picked up by charity boats and handed over rescue responsibilities to the Libyan coastguard.”

Expecting to be transported to European welfare havens and be given free benefits and accommodation, the migrants attempted to stage a mutiny by threatening to kill the crew because they were told they’d be sent back to Libya.

The fact that migrants are threatening to kill the people who “rescue” them proves that the whole process is not really a rescue at all, but a taxi service from North Africa to Europe.

Fabrice Leggeri, the head of the European Union’s border agency Frontex, previously slammed charities for rescuing migrants off the coast of Libya, some as near as just 10 miles off the coast, because it has incentivized people smugglers and put lives at risk.

As we previously reported, migrants rejected by Italy who were subsequently welcomed by Spain’s new socialist government arrived in Alicante. They were immediately transported to the city center where students who had already paid for their accomodation were kicked outto make way for the newcomers.

While the media has for years portrayed the situation as helpless refugees being left to drown, the reality of the situation is that economic migrants are working in concert with criminals and NGOs to swarm Europe with complete disregard for the law and the sanctity of basic border controls.


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African Migrants Threaten to Kill Italian Cargo Vessel Crew Who Rescued Them


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