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All hate crime reports to be conveyed to City Hall in Sarasota



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All hate crime reports to be conveyed to City Hall in Sarasota


Sarasota, FL:  Following an incident at Art Ovation, Mayor Liz Alpert is expressing concern for the Sarasota community and supporting the conveyance of all reports of possible hate crimes to City Hall for review.

“Although this appears to be an isolated incident, we’re deeply troubled it even occurred,” said Mayor Liz Alpert.  “We’re a community that embraces and is proud of its diversity.  Sarasota hosts visitors from around the world every day, and I encourage all employers to strive to have a diverse workforce as the City of Sarasota strives to do.  By keeping close tabs on any possible or suspected hate crimes, we’ll be in a better position as a community to address issues immediately and over time.  Fortunately, these types of incidents have been few and far between.”

The incident in question at Art Ovation remains under investigation by the Sarasota Police Department.

“Moving forward, all reports detailing suspected or possible hate crimes shall be sent to my office and immediately reviewed,” said City Manager Tom Barwin.  “These reports will be shared with the City Commission as well as the appropriate community groups in Sarasota to continue to advance the diverse, cosmopolitan community we value so deeply.”

For more information contact Jan Thornburg, Sr. Communications Manager:  941-954-2613.



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