Another victim to red tide on Caspersen Beach




Another victim to red tide on Caspersen Beach

LeeAnn Bray


We just got back from Caspersen Beach parking lot. Two young gentlemen were trying to keep this lovely turtle alive. It had been struggling back and forth in the water and not moving. They got the turtle up to the shower and kept it wet.


My RANT: three of us tried to call four emergency numbers, Mote, police, Fish Kill, and another turtle #. I realize that it’s Sunday but not even the police could find us someone to talk with! Two numbers had answering machines stating me to leave my # and they will call during regular business hours, one other was no longer in service!!! So why even have the emergency numbers?


Needless to say this poor turtle passed, and the men where hoping the she didn’t have any eggs in her. Her eyes were very sick, one was bleeding! What they hell is this water doing to our beautiful oceans and rivers!


When will the end, when someone important gets sick from this poison?





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