Black Gold Coffee Roasters:  A Venice coffee shop that is giving 100% of his Nepal coffee bag sales towards stopping human trafficking 



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Black Gold Coffee Roasters:  A Venice coffee shop that is giving 100% of his Nepal coffee bag sales towards stopping human trafficking



While I was at Black and Gold Coffee Roasters, I briefly talked to the owner Greg.  He was telling me about his trip to Nepal.

While there he came across a project, which he has become a part of and will be supporting through sales of coffee.  Basically, this organization is rescuing kids from 6 to 15 that were sold off as slaves for $50.   They have been rescued and this company in Nepal is trying to provide them with a home and food.


For every back of coffee, he will donate the entire $50 charge to this project.  That is right, the entire $50.  I bought a bag today and I must say, it is some great coffee.  Additionally, I bought a bracelet that the kids hand made for ten dollars and that too goes back to the organization at 100%.  Check out the information from Gary below.






Black Gold Coffee Roasters


Our coffee from Nepal is finally here! I was introduced to Dr. Dhruba Thapa in Kathmandu back in April. We met at my hotel the day I got back from my trek/ climb in the Himalayas. Dhruba brought me 2 kilos of coffee from the Aasha Java Estate to test when I got back to Venice. We have since purchased 14 burlap bags! The proceeds of this coffee go to the New Hope Girls’ Home in Nepal. New Hope is nonprofit organization in Nepal. New Hope Ministries provides safe homes for girls rescued from imminent risk of sexual exploitation, provides hospice services for women dying from AIDS, and creates awareness about human trafficking.


We are proud to be the ONLY coffee roaster in North, Central, and South America that has this coffee!! The coffee will retail for $50 / pound. This is the cost of one of these young girls sold in Nepal… We are donating a large portion of our proceeds back to New Hope Girls’ Home in Nepal! We are also selling “I Gave Hope” bracelets, made by the girls. The bracelets are $10. Each bracelet that is sold helps to support New Hope Girls’ Home.


Please help us raise awareness for this cause! Share, repost, buy, or donate.
or at and click on the Nepalese flag!

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