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Boston University Urges ‘Compassion’ In Era Of ‘Institutionalized Racism’ And ‘Policies Hostile To Muslims’



Boston University Urges ‘Compassion’ In Era Of ‘Institutionalized Racism’ And ‘Policies Hostile To Muslims’ – Daily Caller



A dean at Boston University urged students to “practice compassion” in an era of “institutionalized racism” and “policies hostile to Muslims” in a Sunday statement.

Sandro Galea, the dean of and professor at Boston University’s School of Public Health, made the remarks in a statement titled “On Compassion,” featured on the School of Public Health vertical.

“The effects of disease on the health of populations, of war and natural disasters, of the challenge of institutionalized racism and daily bigotry — we evaluate the causes and consequences of these problems as we work to mitigate them,” Galea said, citing previous posts that he authored on the site.

“Recent months have shown us just how quickly a society can turn towards cruelty at the political level, as many of our leaders have embraced policies hostile to Muslimsimmigrantsreproductive rights, and even the climate itself,” the dean said, linking various articles pertaining to the alleged hostility.

Galea described the repeal and replacement of Obamacare as “a further example of the troubling acceptance of cruelty” that he asserts public life prominently features. He states that repealing the act would severely harm impoverished, sick and old people. The dean adds that, while lawmakers offer condolences after shootings, a “compassionate response” entails making social changes to prevent future shootings. Galea suggests implementing “sensible gun laws.”



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