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Cuck Canadian PM Tells US: Dump ‘America First’ 




Castro-lookalike Trudeau wants “thinner” US borders



Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau told US governors to drop the “America First” motto made popular by President Trump.

Trudeau also pushed for a “thinner border” between the US and Canada during an unusual speech at the National Governors’ Association speech in Rhode Island on Friday, the first for a Canadian prime minister.

During the speech, he pressured governors to embrace some of the policies of NAFTA, the 1994 trade agreement President Trump famously called a “disaster” which has cost jobs in the US, Mexico and Canada.

If America moves away from NAFTA, Trudeau claimed “it can quickly become a cycle of tit-for-tat, a race to the bottom, where all sides lose.”

Interesting how a foreign leader is trying to undermine a US president by talking directly to governors.

Trudeau’s rhetoric sounds strikingly similar to former Mexican President Vicente Fox, who advocated the merging of the US, Canada and Mexico into one economic – and even political – entity called the North American Union.

“I proposed a ‘NAFTA Plus’ plan to President Bush and Canada’s Prime Minister Jean Chrétien to move us toward a single continental economic union, modeled on the European example,” he wrote in his autobiography Revolution of Hope. “…At summits I took every opportunity to advocate clearly for free-market policies; showing what sound economics could do to fund social justice; arguing for globalism, NAFTA and the Free Trade Area of the Americas.”



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