Email To The Scoop:  I believe I witnessed a home burglary last night in S. Venice, where several houses were hit



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Email To The Scoop:  I believe I witnessed a home burglary last night in S. Venice, where several houses were hit

3:30 am – Thursday, August 9th
**I would VERY much like to be kept anonymous bc im not 100% sure what I just witnessed.. but im about 99.9% sure it was sketchy business. I didn’t know what else to do at this time so I figured i’d come to the “The Scoop”…
[*Update @ 8 am* – Just made a witness report with a cop & informed her as well as the homeowner of my story*]

Im currently a SAHM, but a couple nights a week I go to ladies night w/ a few girlfriends & we usually are out pretty late. I live on a very quiet street called Horizon rd, that’s even quieter at night. Its sorta kinda the joke w/ a few other neighbors im close w/ that im the “Owl” or the “neighborhood watch” just from being a good observant neighbor😊❤


So essentially.. I hear/see almost every car that comes down this road, neighbor or not.. & I usually can point out if something is “out of place” or suspicious.

However, last night… I was doing my normal late night routine before bed and was finishing my last ciggarette while checking my emails when I heard what sounded like a motor approaching. I decided to stand up and take a look, & could see about 2 houses down from me (on my side of street) a newer all black Mazda 6 idling in the street with its lights off. I Immediately felt something smelled fishy.. but figured I was jumping to conclusions. At that exact moment in time, the vehicle started moving forward at about 5 mph, still with no lights on.


I, still standing in my carport in the dark.. decided to keep my eye on them when they came to an abrupt stop (about 20 ft forward) and right in front of my mailbox at the end of my driveway. As freaked out as I was.. there was still the thought in the back of my mind that was wanting to give them the benefit of the doubt and figured maybe they were lost. They sat there for about 30-40 seconds when they must have noticed my phone light up in my hand & that I was someone was watching them .. bc then, They rolled up all the windows (passenger side facing me) and quickly reversed back down to the house (2 houses down) they originally were in front of to begin with. I knew they had seen me, but I wanted to make sure they knew I saw them.. so as they were backing up.. I decided to walk further down to the end of my driveway towards the street. I then saw somebody running from the backyard of the house, back out to the car in the street.. at which time the driver had then slammed it into reverse (not even exaggerating) and they reversed as far back as they could go (recklessly, I might add) because I, who was STILL standing at the end of my driveway watching them.. realized they reversed so far back that they crossed the main Heron rd. without even looking or acknowledging other traffic that could have been traveling down Heron… and how do I know???


Because if they were even 4 seconds sooner, they would have t-boned and collided with the vehicle that was INFACT driving down Heron towards S. Venice blvd. At that moment, they put it in drive and peeled out and disappeared.

I barely slept a wink I was so spooked and spent at least 20-30 minutes Googling what I thought looked like the “get away” vehicle. I wish I would have done a thing or 2 thing differently.. but I reacted purely out of instinct and went into Mama Bear mode as the neighbor they were victimizing, also has children.

Unfortunately it’s become such a problem it seems in this area of Venice.. but in a way I’m so glad I was awake at that time and saw what I did because the damage they could have done, could have been way worse. Like I stated before, I see every vehicle that comes down our road now for the past 4 years and I know just from experience; when it’s the paperboy coming down the road at 4 am.. or even the neighbor lady across the way who leaves for work at 5 am. Its so important that we look out for one another as neighbors. Something tells me that they were coming to my house next.. until they they had seen me.. & I’ll be the 1st to tell you , WE ARE NOT THE ONES!!


No need to go into details, but we believe in the right to bear arms & I personally felt threatened when they stopped in front of my house.

Wrapping it up.. im not a psychologist or a “certified CSI” 😉 but I do watch/read a lot of criminal/crime stuff. This is purely my OWN opinion.. but just from thier behavior behind the wheel, it definitely wasnt their first time doing this. I feel this was plotted and planned. It appears they may have hit the whole Road towards the ferry/boat launch because while talking to the class this morning I could see another cop in the far distance talking to a homeowner. Hopefully this is a reminder for everyone to keep your car’s locked and do what you need to do to protect you and yours.

With that being said, you reap what you sow & Karma (& the law😉) will take care of the rest.

**BELOW is just a picture of what the car looked like**
-Newer BLACK Mazda 6
-Really dark tinted windows front to back




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