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Email To The Scoop News – Is it true that Venice had no shelters and the Mayor was nowhere to be found?


Email To The Scoop News – Is it true that Venice had no shelters and the Mayor was nowhere to be found?

Deb MK

Is it true Venice didn’t have any shelters open and is it also true our mayor left town during the storm and was unreachable with no one in charge to manage problems within the city?



I am going to answer Deb’s email with the information that I have available.

  • The county is in charge of the shelters and not one was available from North Port to Sarasota.

  • The City of Venice opened the community center to shelter individuals.  The county did not go along with it or authorize it, primarily due to concerns with the structure.  The roof is in bad shape.

  • The city did not effectively communicate that there would be no food, water, cot’s, and that it is just a building

  • During a interview w an evacuee, she asked for food and water, since they had none.  So, I put out a message on my Scoop and I brought them a ton of water and what ever perichables I could find.  Many others stepped up and brought them food and water too.

  • The city knew that the people did not have food and water, but I did not see them acting to resolve it until I started making a stink about it on the Scoop.  I am not even sure if they did anything to be honest.  They may have or they man not of done anything.

  • Regarding the Mayor fleeing town.  I have no idea.  I can say that I was at the shelter the morning before Irma and the I only saw the City Clerk and HR guy for the city in the morning.  Later in the day, I made several trips back and forth with water and food.  During those trips I did see the Assistant City Manager and Councilman McKeon.  I did not see any other political leaders or hear from any others.



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