Email To The Scoop News:  My daughter goes to Lamarque Elementary and I contacted the SRO, due to concerns with the “Knife Boy” threads


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Email To The Scoop News:  My daughter goes to Lamarque Elementary and I contacted the SRO, due to concerns with the “Knife Boy” theads

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News

I received a email this weekend from an individual that made it very clear, she did not want her email shared or her name put out there.  The purpose of the email was to tell me that I am basically an idiot, I lack facts, and I am making Lamarque look bad with the “knife boy” threads.  I was told that the child was disciplined and is no longer allowed to bring a back pack to school, so the issues is resolved and I need to stop sharing these stories and making the school look bad.


All of this stems from threads that I shared, which were NOT  even written by me.  They were emails from individuals noting issues that have taken place at the school by a student that has  become known only as “knife boy”.


Here is the thing though, the threads were emails from fans of the page and nothing that I put together.  I think most people get it, but apparently this person did not.  When I put emails from fans of the page out, that does not give it a stamp of authenticity.  Hence, the name of Scoop News.  These emails would fall under the scoop part.


I went back and looked at the four previous threads and I have to say, they seem factual based upon another email that came to me today.  Two emails covered two different situations involving a knife.  As you can see from the NPPD’s SRO response, there were two knife related issues involving one student.  The other two emails involve separate issues, which happened to the writers child or their child witnessed happening.  The previous email links are below.


With all of that being said, I receive an unsolicited email today from a concerned parent, whose child goes to Lamarque.  They wrote the NPPD and asked them if the information that I have put out was accurate.  They came back and stated that they essential were correct.  That email is below.




From anonymous


I love what you do. You do an amazing job of being a non-judgemental voice of the people. I love that it seems like you post everything that comes your way.


My daughter goes to Lamarque Elementary. And the stories and comments about a young boy coming to school bothered me. There is so much, I have not been able to read all the comments. I am not sure if any of the parents have actually contacted law enforcement to see what, If anything has been done. After several days and an email to Chief Vespia, I received an email from Sgt. Selzer.


Here is his reponse:


You are completely correct, I should not have taken this long to respond to you. My apologies, as I inadvertently overlooked your email, and the delay in response was not intentional.


In regards to the issues at Lamarque Elementary. I pulled the call history at Lamarque, and did not see any recent calls involving a student bringing a knife or any weapons to school, I did however, find two prior incidents involving the same student and a knife. In these instances the school imposed discipline with recommendations from the district. From past experiences, I know the school will not release what the discipline was, as it is against their policy. In the second instance the “knife” would not have met the Florida State Statute definition as a weapon (as a common pocket knife is not considered a weapon), although the school board has different criteria. This incident was deferred to the school to handle. Not seeing any further “weapon” calls documented, I went to Lamarque Elementary to speak with Administrative staff. I was advised there have been no further incidents involving weapons on campus at Lamarque Elementary.


In reading the link you provided, I saw there have been other issues with this child while on campus. I do not have any further knowledge of other issues at school, as law enforcement was not contacted for these instances. Without knowing the full extent of the other incidents involving this student, I would offer, that if you and other parents do not feel these occurrences on Lamarque’s campus were handled properly and in accordance with School Board Policy, I would urge you to contact Chris Renouf, the Executive Director of all of the Elementary Schools in Sarasota County. The main number for the Sarasota School Board (The Landings) is (941) 927-9000. From a parental stand point, I understand and would share your concerns with a student having repeated incidents on a school campus, with no outward observable punishment.


If you have any further questions, or need anything else, please do not hesitate to reach out to me. My apologies again, for not getting back to you.


Sgt. Jason Selzer

School Resource, Sergeant

North Port Police Department