Email To The Scoop News – This is why many Floridians stay, versus evacuate.  So don’t be so damn judgmental. 

Email To The Scoop News – This is why many Floridians stay, versus evacuate.  So don’t be so damn judgmental.







Good morning. Thank you for keeping us updated with this mess Irma left.
Unfortunately, I’ve come across so many people saying that we should’ve all just left. Would you mind posting this to those who need to comprehend life here in Florida?

Sitting here in the carport and of course I can’t sleep. It’s been a rough road with this hurricane. So far, still no electricity and the food in my large freezer and my regular refrigerator are a loss. I have actually seen and heard some of the most ridiculous crap from people that believe everyone should’ve evacuated. Here are the problems with that…
1- If everyone evacuated the roads would have been completely insane. Traffic would’ve been at a stand still.
2- People still have to work and provide for their families.
3- The cost to evacuate is more than just a tank of gas (if you can find it), a hotel (if they have any vacancies) and food.
4- Who is going to stay to take care of the elderly if we left? Or patients in hospitals?
5- If we jumped every time the threat of a hurricane was near, the state of Florida would be empty during hurricane season. So, when you are planning your trip to Disney or to the beaches who the hell is going to be there then?
6- No one can give an exact location for it to hit until just before landfall. So you don’t want to evacuate for it to just take last minute turn.
7- Some people do not have the resources financially to go. Just for a family of 4 to evacuate is roughly $500. Might not seem like a lot but many people are struggling financially and do not have the ability to up and run every time there is a hurricane.

So, before people make that judgement remember that Florida is a retirement state and a tourist destination. When you plan that vacation or have family to visit here in assisted living facilities, remember if we didn’t stay behind you wouldn’t have those opportunities.



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