Email To The Scoop:  Warning parents – I caught a man doing nasty things to his body, while watching kids in the Venice Target lot


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Email To The Scoop:  Warning parents – I caught a man doing nasty things to his body, while watching kids in the Venice Target lot


** Update **

I verified the license plate number, to the one provided w the original write up last week.  It is the same license plate number and the jeep matches.  This anonymous person is not the original anonymous person.



From anonymous


The cops having him surrounded right now talking to him. I originally posted on your fb post about it but am going to delete it in case he saw my comment and I have children so makes me nervous! He could look up my address! Just wanted to let you know! I’d like to remain anonymous as well! It’s in regards to your post thanks!!









Hello, I witnessed something yesterday that I should report to the community to keep an eye out for this man. I’m not sure if he was caught by the police or arrested.   I would like to be anonymous and my daughters name as well.


This is a pretty explicit post I wanted to share publicly, to let other mothers be aware. Number one, I don’t trust anyone, for this reason. Today, after I picked up my child I decided to pop into Target in S. Venice for some toys etc. I had to park towards the end of the parking lot because it was so busy. I was 3 spots over from a maroon Jeep Wrangler. I noticed the man sitting in it, windows down and aimlessly looking around. I thought to myself.. Maybe he is waiting for his wife whatever… I still kept my eye on him as I got my child out. We were in target for a good hour or so. If your a mom, you know you can get caught up in there. On are way out I noticed the man was still parked. I like to over analyze every situation or place I’m in. Maybe too much.


As I approached my truck I noticed this man had his shirt off and his arms in a “swinging motion” you get the drift of what I’m saying. I freaked out inside. This man was watching little children in the parking lot, doing inappropriate things to himself. I instantly called 911, pushed my cart as fast as I could to the opposite side of my car. The man saw me calling and took off in his Jeep, I got his tag number while on the phone with 911. His plate is from New Jersey and it is A**-C**. I prayed the sheriff that I saw on 41 had caught him.


I am in shock and sick to my stomach.. literally. One other woman had pulled in next to me and said she saw the same thing. I was thankful that I wasn’t the only one that saw this sick animal. It was broad daylight.  This guy obviously has mental issues & who knows what else he was capable of doing.


Please be aware of your children & the people around you. No matter where you are!!!


This was my original post I did on my Facebook page for my friends.
His description from what I could see was Hispanic, mid 40-50s, wearing glasses, shaved head barely any hair and medium build, looked tall. It was a newer maroon Jeep Wrangler with soft top only 2 doors.


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