Francesco Abbruzzino Endorsements For The National, State, & Local Sarasota County 2018 General Election



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Francesco Abbruzzino Endorsements For The National, State, & Local Sarasota County 2018 General Election

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



With the election right around the corner and with mail in ballots being sent to your homes, I thought I would write an article with my thoughts on some of the candidates and amendments.


Now, some of my views are subject to change, but most of them are set in stone.  I state change because I really have not heard any concrete views from candidates when it comes to their position on the different issues.  Also, in some races I will not be voting unless I get some more information on them.  So, I have just listed the candidates name.


I wanted to note that I will be voting with the Republican Party on national issues.  Normally I would vote based upon the candidate, but over the past year the far left has captured the Democratic Party and I am very concerned with what will happen if they get the majority.  Their handling of the Kavanaugh process pushed me over the edge and solidified that the far left controls their party.  The moderates need to regain control, kind of like the moderate Republicans regained control from the Tea Party.


  • US Senator

Everyone blames R. Scott for the Okeechobee and pollution issues. He is culpable, but so is his opponent B. Nelson who has been a Senator for 40 years and has done absolutely nothing.  Regarding water quality issues, both are a no for me.  So, my decision is based upon the other issues that are near and dear to me.  So, I will be voting for Rick Scott.

  • US Congress

    • Northern Sarasota. I am for Vern Buchanan.  I like David, but his stance on gun control is concerning and the fact that he would like to keep Pelosi in the leadership is concerning to me.  I truly believe the Democrats need new leaders to handle the extremist element.  I did offer his campaign a chance to sit down and talk on a live stream, but I never heard back from him.  Until that is done, I am hesitant to send my vote their way.
    • Southern Sarasota. I will be voting for Greg Stuebe.
  • Florida Governor

I have concerns with Gillum taking money from Soros and some of his socialist views.  Florida does not need to become the next Venezuela.  I have followed Ron’s career as a Congressman and along the campaign trail.  His views on water quality, healthcare, and many other issues are in line with my views.  I will be voting for Ron DeSantis.


  • Attorney General – Undecided

    • Ashley Moody (R)
    • Sean Shaw (D)
  • CFO – Undecided

    • Jimmy Patronis (R)
    • Jeremy Ring (D)
  • Commission of Agriculture – Undecided

    • Matt Caldwell (R)
    • Nicole Fried (D)
  • State Representative District 71 – Undecided

    • Tracy Pratt (D)
    • Will Robinson (R)
  • State Representative District 72 – I am going with Ray Pilon

    • Margaret Good (D)
    • Ray Pilon (R)
  • State Representative District 73  Undecided

    • Liv Coleman (D)
    • Tom Gregory (R)
  • State Senator District 73I am going with Joe Gruter

    • Joe Gruters (R)
    • Faith Babis (D)
  • State senator District 74 – Undecided

    • James Buchann (R). He doesn’t even live in this district.  He comes into the race with his dad’s name and very little regarding ideas.  My perception of him is that he is out for power and the pursuit of a political career, not the interest of the people.
    • Tom Mowry (D) does live in Venice.  I would like to hear more from him, but when we talked about an interview, he wanted me to go through his campaign.  I decided there must not be a lot of interest in sitting down and communicating his ideas to my audience, with that approach.  However, I do believe he cares more about the local residents and is not for power.
    • Robert Kaplan NPA


At this point every resident of Sarasota County can vote on commissioners, regardless of where they live.  The Single District initiative that is going on the Nov. ballot seeks to change it, so that only individuals living within a district can vote on the candidate that is running within their district.

  • Sarasota County Commissioner District 2. The video interviews below were given within one week of each.  Note how much more knowledgeable Ruta is on the issues  – I am going with Ruta

    • Chris Ziegler. He heads up the SRQ Republican Party.  I had one interview w him, where he showed up late, so we had very little time.  During the interview he really did not know about the issues.  You can watch it below.  Just a couple weeks ago he asked me to help him understand the outflow issue……………

  • Ruta Jouniari (D). I interviewed Ruta extensively and she is much more informed than her opponent.  You can watch her video below.    I am endorsing Ruta


  • Sarasota County Commissioner District 4. I am going with Wesley Beggs

    • Al Maio (R). I am not a fan of Al, especially when he makes comments, such as the one below regarding red tide.  His tenure on the board has been great for developers and horrible for the regular folks.  He does not show up to a lot of the campaign debates, so it is difficult to see how he handles his opponents’ challenges.  To me, he comes across as though he has already won the position.  Since only Republicans seem to be elected to the county commission, I understand why he feels that way.  Basically, he has been a huge disappointment and I will not be voting for him.


  • Wesley Beggs (D). I have been following Wesley and decided to ask her for an interview at a recent event.  The Coffee w Francesco Abbruzzino conversation from earlier today is below.   I am endorsing Wesley

  • City of Venice Non-Partisan – I am voting for Fred.

    • Fred Fraize. He is the incumbent and has done a pretty good job.  His stance on the environment and fighting against excessive development have been notable.
    • Helen Moore. She is a Chuck Newsom cut out and a friend of development.  You can see that with her signs all over the properties of developers throughout the city.  I still stand by my article, which I wrote a month ago.  She is just the opposite of what the city needs, but I fear that she has the support of the Venice political establishment (Boone, Neal, ect) and it looks like she may pull of a win.


  • City of North Port Non-Partisan Seat 4 – Undediced.

    • Pete Emrich – He is an activist in the area and has been for a while.  I believe he may have a bit more experience than his opponent.  I think this election is his to lose.
    • Kevin Rouse – Very nice guy with some great ideas.  I think he is a solid candidate, just does not have the experience that Pete brings to the table.
  • City of North Port Non-Partisan Seat 5 – I endorse Peter Bartolotta

    • Peter Bartolotta – A lot of good ideas and seems to have the support of the people.
    • Jill Luke – This is the candidate that would not interview and would only interview w me, via her Campaign Manger.



  • 1 Increase Homestead.  Yes.  This amendment raises the homestead property tax exemption by $25,000 for homes worth more than $100,000. That would exempt the value between $100,000 and $125,000 of a home that serves as the owner’s primary residence.

  • 2 Limitations on Property Tax Assessments.  Yes  This amendment raises the homestead property tax exemption by $25,000 for homes worth more than $100,000. That would exempt the value between $100,000 and $125,000 of a home that serves as the owner’s primary residence.

  • 3 Voter Control Over Gambling.  Yes.   This amendment gives voters the exclusive right to decide whether a new casino can open in the state. It takes that right away from the Florida Legislature, which has failed in recent years to reach an agreement on the issue.

  • 4 Voter Restoration For Felons.  Yes TThe amendment restores voting rights to former felons who served their sentence, including parole and probation, with the exception of those convicted of murder and sexual offenses.

  • 5. Super Majority Vote  Yes This amendment would require a two-thirds vote in the Florida House and Senate — instead of a simple majority — to raise taxes. It was placed on the ballot by the Legislature with the intent to make it more difficult for lawmakers to raise taxes.

  • 6 Rights of Crime Victims. Yes 

    •  Expand the scope of victims’ rights under the Florida Constitution.
    •  Raise the mandatory retirement age of Florida judges, including Supreme Court justices, from 70 to 75.
    • Prohibit state courts from deferring to an administrative agency’s interpretation of a state statute or rule.
  • 7 First responder and military survivor benefits. Yes

    • Enshrine in the state Constitution the mandatory payment of death benefits and waiver of certain educational expenses to qualifying survivors of certain first responders and military members who die performing official duties.
    • Require supermajority votes by university trustees and state university system board of governors to raise or impose legislatively authorized fees if law requires approval by those bodies.
    • Establish the existing state college system as a constitutional entity and provide governance structure for such.
  • 9 Prohibits offshore drilling.  Yes

    • The waters most immediately adjacent to Florida’s coastline are in state control, then become federal jurisdiction farther offshore.
    •  The second part of the amendment prohibits the indoor use of e-cigarettes and vaping devices. T
  • 10 State and local gov. structure.  Yes

    • Require the Legislature to start its annual session in January instead of March during even-numbered years.
    • Create a counter-terrorism and security office within the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.
    • Require the state to have a Department of Veterans Affairs, which already exists.
    • Require that all 67 counties must elect their sheriff, tax collector, elections supervisor and clerk of courts.
  • 11 Property Rights Yes

    •  Florida’s Constitution currently has language that allows the Legislature to prevent non-citizens from buying, selling, owning or inheriting property. Amendment 11 would delete this language.
    •  Florida’s Constitution added the “Savings Clause” in 1885 and is one of only three states that enforces one.
    •  Deletes language approving a high-speed rail. Floridians voted down the high-speed rail project in 2004, but the language was never removed.


  • 12 Lobbying and abuse. Yes It expands ethics rules for public officials — both elected officials and government employees, including judges

  • 13 End dog racing. Yes The proposal ends commercial greyhound and other dog racing by 2020, but people in Florida would continue to wager on races occurring in other states.

  • Legacy Trail Extension, County bond referendum. Yes   

  • County Charter Amendment, Citizen Petitions. No 

  • County Charter Amendment, placed on next General Election. Yes

  • County Charter Amendment, Reacquire and retain Beach Rd. Yes

  • County Charter Amendment, Preserve County Parks. Yes

  • County Charter Amendment, Single Member Districts,  Yes.  This takes the dark money out of those in power and gets them to focus more on their specific area of Sarasota County.  You have to wonder why those in power are pushing a “No” vote on this one………….


There are some hospital board elections and judges, but I am not up on most of them.  I will try to be, and my goal is to send out or update this article by time of the General election.  However, as most individuals will tell you, the election is one by mail in’s, so I wanted to get something out in conjunction with them.


Also, there are several amendments.  Each amendment will have an extensive explanation of what your vote will mean.  I suggest reading each and ensuring that you understand them.  They are listed on the sample ballot, which you can reach by clicking here —->>>>>>>>  Sample Ballot


Also, I recommend checking off the candidates and amendments that you will be voting for and bring this sample ballot in with you, if you are like myself and vote via election day at the local polling office.