Information on tomorrow night’s Christmas Parade in Venice, FL.




Information on tomorrow night’s Christmas Parade in Venice, FL.

Several individuals have asked about the specifics regarding tomorrow night’s Christmas Parade in Venice.

Continuing a 40-year-old tradition, the City of Venice Holiday Parade is the perfect “kick off” to the holiday season in Venice, Florida. Over 3 thousand enthusiastic and creative participants representing approximately 120 local companies, schools, churches, social organizations and music groups join together to make this community family event fun for all ages. fryf1zqrz6rnhxpcac912t1zps1pebal1jwdorpmbhyzpz6zyaz6axaz1gyge4kqm

Thousands of spectators line the parade route early to find and secure their perfect spot to enjoy the festivities.

Bring your appetite! Pizza, hot dogs, hamburgers, drinks and goodies are offered for sale by high school booster clubs, Scouts and local Non-Profit service groups all along the parade route.

Here is all the information that I have:

  • Venice Ave will be closed off from the West side of the Venice Ave bridge to about Park, around 3pm.
  • Pre-parade entertainment begins at 5 o’clock. Music begins to fill the air, the lighting of the downtown holiday decorations begins to sparkle with the sunset and the fun is just beginning.
  • Parade Times: Pre-Parade Entertainment 5pm at the corner of Harbor Drive and West Venice Avenue and the corner of Nokomis Street and West Venice Avenue
    Parade begins at Park Blvd at 7pm
  • You can put your chairs out now.

If you cannot make the parade, I will be partnering with WSRZ and streaming the parade live on my Scoop news page at, starting around 7:15.  I am starting a little after the parade, since I will be located on hmh7x8g6dznmxrtppacncqydkdg2dyfysqwqabswqyhcptcwfeb8jrtzr3y1flxm6Nokomis Ave near the end of the parade route.  We will be located about two buildings North of Farley’s Funeral home.  We will have a big white tent and pretty visible.  I will try to upload the parade to my web site on Sunday at

SNN will be providing live coverage and they are normally located directly across from the Daq. Deck.

The official announcers of the floats and a lot of the pre-parade events will take place where Nokomis and Venice Ave intersect.


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