It has been a great ride, but like all rides, it must come to an end at some point in time.



The Uncensored Report is run and operated by Francesco Abbruzzino.  This site offers a fresh perspective on news, opinions, and local unvetted scoop.



It has been a great ride, but like all rides, it must come to an end at some point in time.

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


I started The Scoop News ten years ago while living in Italia.


My wife used Facebook to communicate with her mom and friends back in the states.  She kept telling me that I should check it out, but I was resistant to it.  However, since Italia is six hours ahead of the states, I found myself with some down time, since my working day did not start until 2pm in Italia.


I started to play around with her Facebook ID and we shared a joint account for a while, until we went through a Facebook divorce and I opened my own Facebook account.


While in Italia, I hated that the pages for Venice were all over the place.  I was bored and I decided to start The Scoop, which was essentially me aggregating all the Venice related Facebook postings into one page.  Overtime it has evolved and gone through many changes through the years, finally becoming the product we see today.


When I actively worked the site to see how much traffic I could direct to the website, the site was realizing over 500,000 monthly visitors However, since I have not been running this as a for profit operation, it was difficult to continue at that pace, without generating revenue.  I had to put the brakes on a bit, so that I could focus on my main business and putting food on the table.


Through the years I have been told by many people that The Scoop has positively impacted so many lives in Sarasota County.   Covering issues that the local MSM does not and aggregating all local news from all the sites, onto one page.  I can’t go out without having someone recognized me and tell me how much they appreciated The Scoop.


Running this site has made me somewhat of a pariah to the ruling class of Sarasota County and hated by many others.  The unfortunate downside to “being the voice for the people”.


Running The Scoop News takes a lot of time, can be a drain on my wallet, and can be very stressful.  From the expenses of running the site, to the hate email I get daily to the countless hours providing the news; it can be a lot for a one-man operation.


I have discovered that the majority of the people love my page because they get the news before the local MSM, they get news that the local MSM will not put out, and they have a vehicle to pose questions to a mass audience.   The local MSM benefits by me sending people to their youtube production’s and by monitoring my page for stories that they can put out.  Even the people that hate me, love The Scoop News.  I still have not figured out why so many people love to hate me………


The lackluster response to the donate button (five people out of over 40,000 views) and lackluster response to some other things in the past when I needed support from the community have illustrated to me that people love the page and what it brings to the table, but not enough to support the effort that goes into it.


This has led to my decision to pull back from posting 24/7 on The Scoop News and to consider other options to cover the latest expense that I have been hit with, which is directly related to running The Scoop News.  That option is to sell The Scoop News.



I am not sure if anyone will buy The Scoop News or pay the price I have set in my head.  If they do not purchase it, that is fine.  I will use it to put out my material that I write or produce.

  • Written articles – I have only written a couple articles covering national and international issues, but I think I will focus a lot more on this area. I will be writing a few local articles, if The Scoop News does not sale or until it sells.
  • Video reports – Basically I will continue to put out the productions that I do daily. I will be making videos on local issues sparingly if The Scoop News does not sale or until it sells.
  • Aggregating – Yes at the national and international level. If I do not sale or until I sell The Scoop News, I will aggregate people that allow me to put out their article in full.  Individual’s like Dr. Martin, on Suce, and a few others that are out there.


If I do sell The Scoop News, I will be keeping these platforms, pages, and groups.  Here is where my pages will be if The Scoop News sells, in case you want to like them now, in regard to social media.


Regarding The Scoop News, I will be sharing a few local things on there, in addition to my national stuff and any local articles that I decide to write or aggregate.


Who knows, maybe the attorney will take my offer of $400 and drop everything, then I will not have to sell The Scoop News, but the community response or lack thereof, will have me rethinking my approach.


So, if anyone is interested in purchasing The Scoop News, send me an email to me at