It Is Now Being Projected That Florence Will Be The Most Expensive Hurricane To Ever Hit The United States  




It Is Now Being Projected That Florence Will Be The Most Expensive Hurricane To Ever Hit The United States – The American Dream


We all knew that Hurricane Florence was going to be bad, but now it is being projected that it will cause more economic damage than any other storm in all of U.S. history.  As you will see below, one firm is estimating that the total damage from Florence could cost “more than $170 billion”, and that would put it into first place by a substantial margin.  At this point, meteorologists are telling us that Florence may only be a Category 2 or a Category 3 storm by the time it makes landfall, but we need to remember that Hurricane Katrina was just a Category 3 storm when it hit New Orleans.  But what made Katrina so damaging was the fact that it was so large, and Florence is getting bigger in size with each passing day.  In addition, forecasters are also now telling us that Florence is expected to “stall” just off the east coast and could potentially linger there “for days”

Hurricane Florence’s path suddenly shifted overnight and is promising to bring even more devastation than first predicted to the Carolinas and parts of Georgia – with the Michigan-sized storm now set to linger for days and cause catastrophic flooding with up to four feet of rain and 13-foot storm surges.

The longer Florence sticks around, the more economic damage it is going to do.

According to the Daily Mail, the latest forecasts indicate that some areas of the Carolinas and Georgia could experience hurricane conditions “for at least 24 hours”

The new trajectory means the storm will idle at sea for longer, creating even heavier and prolonged rains and storm surges for the Carolinas and possibly northern parts of Georgia. Forecasters say those areas could be battered with hurricane conditions for at least 24 hours.

Let me try to put this into perspective for you.

Try to think of something extremely painful that has happened to you.

Would you rather experience that for a minute or for an hour?

You see, it isn’t just the intensity of the storm that matters.  The duration is a major factor too, and what we could be facing from Hurricane Florence could be without precedent.

In fact, one computer model is shockingly projecting that some areas of North Carolina could get 45 inches of rain

One trusted computer model, the European simulation, predicted more than 45 inches in parts of North Carolina.


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