Local Scoop Discount Card Program Is Looking For Business That Want To Offer Discounts




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Due to frivolous law suits that are designed to bring down The Scoop News financial, I am forced to take donations and/or advertise on the site.  Once I have enough money in place, the site will go back to being free.  Thank you.


Local Scoop Discount Card Program Is Looking For Business That Want To Offer Discounts


As most of you may or may not know, I use to run a “Keeping It Local” card, which offered discounts at local businesses.  I would take the net revenues and give them out to programs and people that were just down and out.  Once I have enough funds secured for my operating expenses and the lovely law suit, I will give the money out in a similar manner as with the Keeping It Local program.


I personally am not a fan of advertising and the revenue to me is minimal.  Also, I am not a fan of trying get donations, to fight off the law suits or pay to run The Scoop News.  So, I thought I could just reintroduce this program and scrap the annoying advertisements.

Here is how the program works.


·      The card sells for $20 to individuals and will give you benefits for 2018.  As the year progresses, the price of the card will go down since you will not have as much time to use it.  You will have to buy new cards for 2019


·       My goal is not to upset the local school programs, that are selling the cards.  So, I will give the local schools the cards and all they must cover is my cost, which they can pay back once the cards are sold.


·       Business

o   Can buy the cards at ½ price and sell them in their business.  So, they would pay me $10/card and then sell them for $20 to their customers.

o   I prefer the business just offering a straight 10%, it makes it much easier.  However, I leave it up to them

o   I setup a business directory page.  The individuals can click on the business link to see what is offered, get their address and all that good stuff.  Basically, I put whatever they want on their page.

The first thing is for me to build a list of business and the discounts.  Once I get enough, I can market the cards.  So, if you are a business owner and interested in having your business listed, send me a email at fabbruzzino@yahoo.com.   If you know of a business owner that may be interested, have them contact me.