Will there be a mass walkout at VHS by the football coaching staff this Thursday?  



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Will there be a mass walkout at VHS by the football coaching staff this Thursday?

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



It has been brought to my attention that there may be a mass walkout at VHS by the football coaching staff this Thursday.


According to two of my sources, VP Ritter has given coach Shannon until Thursday morning to make a decision on if he wants to replace Peacock as the coach of the football program.   The scoop is that the coach feels pressured to make a decision and that due diligence is not being practice.  He does not want to make a decision, until after the meeting that is supposed to take place with Sarasota County Commissioner Hines, Sarasota School Board Member Goodwin, School Board Superintendent Bowden, and Peacock.  If they make a decision to hold firm to Peacock’s firing, then he may consider taking on the position, but any decision prior to that meeting is premature and pressuring him for a decision is reckless.


If the coach is forced or pressured into making a decision on Thursday morning, my sources are saying that the entire football staff is prepared to walk away from their coaching positions.  They do not feel that it is right to rush into hiring a new coach, until there has been some due diligence and Peacock has been given an opportunity to appeal the firing.


Some of the outstanding issues that the coaches want answered our:

  • Did Coach Peacock’s reporting of Coach Bradly for illegal practices get considered? Perhaps Coach Bradly was not too happy with Peacock.

  • The status of Hurdl and some of the hacking allegations that are out there. My understand is that the Landings is aware of this scandal and the parties involved, which ties into the Peacock firing.  Peacock uncovered the hacking.

  • There are some allegations going around, that there is a text out there, which may blow the whole racist tweet narrative out of the water. If true, that information will not be released until after graduation.  A lot of people are talking about it, but as far as I am concerned it is just rumor, until I see it.

  • I stated that the school felt it was not the specific tweet, but a culmination of issues with the tweet just being frosting on the cake.  According to one of my source, they have talked to the VHS administration about the culmination of issues and each issue that was brought up, was not directly related to Peacock.


The coaches would like some answers, along with the 749 individuals that have signed a petition supporting Peacock, which was put out last night.  You can find that petition at: https://www.change.org/p/robyn-calkins-reverse-the-injustice-give-coach-peacock-his-job-back


One point that a source made is the negative ramifications that this has had on Peacock and Venice High School.  He noted that all you have to do is google Venice High or Peacock and a ton of searches come up with the reference to racism.   So much for any chances that he may have to find another coaching job………

Based upon all the information that is out there, my sources state that the coaching staff feels that the firing of Peacock was due to a witch hunt by some administrators that wanted to get rid of him.   Also, the administration has created an environment that is not conducive for coaching.  An environment that has already lead to the head cheerleading coach’s decision to give up her position with that program.


One other point to the school administrators.  No, Peacock is not one of my many sources.  My last communication with John was years ago when he attacked me under a VHS Volleyball Facebook posting, where they thanked me for donating $500 to the purchase of their state championship rings.  He called and apologized for his posting.  Sorry, but there are a few sources and he is not one.




I would hate to see a walkout, which would not be good for the kids or the school.  No matter if you like or dislike Peacock, you should be concerned with how this firing has been handled.  Perhaps he has done stuff in the past that would have given them reason to fire him, but this is not one of those times.


If you have concerns about how this has taken place, let the school system know.  If you see one of the administrators at the Green and White game tomorrow, let them know that you are not happy with how it was handled.  Perhaps you would rather write them.  If that is the case, here are their emails:


Here are some of the articles from myself and other media sources, regarding this firing.






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