My thoughts on The Scoop


I often update these pages and since the majority of my website traffic is via cell phones, I like to remind individuals to refresh their browser.  I say that because a lot of times the browsers do not automatically update the page.

My thoughts on The Scoop

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News

As I stated in my posting earlier today, I had to take a break from social media this weekend.   The culmination of events on Friday basically became annoying and I decided to take a break from social media.

The scoop has gotten so large and I truly believe it can get even larger and even more influential.   However, it has become very difficult for me to run the scoop and my company, which puts the actual food on the table.  I make a ton of money with my medical company and I have missed several opportunities to make even more money because I was focused on the scoop.   If things worked out the way they were supposed to, I was going to do a lot more with the scoop, including a daily video show.

Like I said, things have not gone the way I had hoped.  I am only bringing in on avg $150/mth, which is amazing with my website count of over 350,000 visits just last month.   I have local businesses threatening me, daily hate email from all sources, the local government entities painting me as a fake news and a trouble maker, and a website that needs upgrading (which cost money).  Don’t even get me started on the number of hours I have to put into it………….

With that being said, I have went dark for the past two days and it was refreshing.   My only social media postings have been for my medical company.   Instead of waking up at 4am during the week to put stories out before the gym, I slept in until 5:30.   Instead of getting up at 5 on Saturday to put stories out before the gym, I slept in until 6.  It was very refreshing!

I have taken time to reflect on the Scoop and the direction I would like to go in with it.   The way I see it, my options are:

  • Just stop the scoop cold turkey. The local governments, police, schools, and major media would like to see this happen, I am sure.   Unfortunately, this would negatively impact the people that rely on me for news that the local MSM does not put out or information that the average person wants out there but does not have the means.
  • Post just my own writings. It is funny to hear people state that all I do is aggregate stories, when I write on average seven articles a week, not counting my video reports.  The local MSM’s basically aggregate a lot of news, but the average individual does not realize it.   When they post about an arrest, they are aggregating a press release that the local police put out.   For some reason it is a big negative when I aggregate, but nothing is said about the local msm aggregating news.

This option is difficult for me because of my personality.  I either must go at 200% or not at all.  I tried this before, where I just post a little bit and I have failed in the past, but I am going to try this approach once again.


  • Continue as I always have with the postings.  Very difficult without any help. You see, I am the only person that runs all operations at my medical company.  Also, I am the only one that runs the scoop.  So, as you can imagine, I don’t have a lot of time on my hands and I work from 3:30am until about 8pm, Monday through Sunday.  I could hire someone, but it is hard to justify such a move, when I make only $150/mth w the scoop and it would cost me about $1,000/mth to hire someone at 20 hour per week.

Like I said in my posting on Facebook and Twitter today, I can deal with the idiot trolls that email me.     My biggest hurdle is the cost factor.   The website is not running that great, due to the amount of traffic on the site.  To take the appropriate action to fix some of the bugs, it will require money.   I have tried to get donations, but that has not worked out, with only about ten people donating.  Then one person wanted to dictate a story line because she donated, so I gave her back her donation.   The same goes with local advertisers.   I could not find to many of them, even though my pages get more engagements then most radio, newspapers, and social media options.   What happened with the donations issue, also occurred with an advertiser.   So, now I use AdSense to avoid having local advertisers threaten to pull money because of a story that was put out.  Unfortunately, AdSense does not payout that well, as I wrote about earlier.

The bottom line is that I am going to start posting again, but I am going to cut my hours back.   I am obviously not going to do this for financial gains.   I am not doing this for people to like me because this site has probably made me one of the most disliked individuals in Sarasota County.   No, I am going to continue posting, to give the voiceless a voice, to push out stories that are being by others, and to continue to hold the politicians, police, county, cities, and schools accountable for their actions.

Thank you for your continued support and to all the haters out there, thank you for the lovely emails…. 😊

Regarding the site not coming up when you click a link.   I talked to my hosting company and they are blaming the network in the local area, which makes no sense.  So, in the meantime please click the link a second time and it should open.  Sorry, but it cost a few hundred to transfer the site over to another hosting company and I can not justify it financially.   I may just leave on Godaddy, then move my to another hosting company and use that to post news.   Basically stay tuned and bear with me on this issue.