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‘NATO-Turkey conflict reveals cracks in Western military alliance’ — RT Op-Edge



‘NATO-Turkey conflict reveals cracks in Western military alliance’ — RT Op-Edge



Something dire is happening within NATO in Brussels and Ankara, which is worrisome because Turkey is the second largest military power in that alliance. It is not Montenegro, Jan Oberg, Director of the Foundation for Peace and Future Research, told RT.

Ankara has refused German lawmakers access to troops stationed at the Konya air base in south-western Turkey.

Konya is both a military air base and a public airport. It is also a major training hub for the Turkish air force, and both NATO and German troops maintain a presence there. German politicians have also been denied access to the Incirlik base. At the moment German troops are being withdrawn from there.

RT:  How significant is it that NATO is now trying to mediate in the dispute? Is this escalating the situation even more?

Jan Oberg: If you look at the whole conflict formation between NATO and Turkey, we are in a situation where Turkey is in the center of a number of conflicts. First of all, NATO, is supposed to defend democracy. Turkey is leaving democracy – you just listen to the speeches of President Erdogan here at the anniversary of the coup attempt.



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