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New wayfinding kiosk now on display downtown | City of Sarasota


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New wayfinding kiosk now on display downtown | City of Sarasota


Sarasota, FL:  The City of Sarasota is testing a new digital kiosk that would allow residents and visitors downtown to browse local amenities and find their way around.

The kiosk is now operational downtown at the northwest corner of North Lemon Avenue and Main Street, outside Mattison’s City Grille. It features two-sided LCD displays that are optimized for the environment and weather conditions. Users can view videos, pull up an interactive map of restaurants and businesses, take a selfie, access the City’s website and more. The test kiosk features a demo version of content from other cities but would be programmed to highlight Sarasota locations and amenities in the future.

Representatives from the vendor will be present at the kiosk from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Friday to answer questions and gather feedback from users, and it will remain on display at this location through next Wednesday. Users can also enter their feedback directly at the kiosk or online by visiting

The City is evaluating the digital kiosks as part of its existing wayfinding project and may permanently install them at this and other locations.

For more information, please contact Herminio Rodriguez, Information Technology Director:  941-926-6701, ext. 4232.


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