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North Port Police:  City Manager chooses next NPPD Chief

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North Port Police:  City Manager chooses next NPPD Chief

Wednesday, North Port City Manager Peter Lear made a conditional offer to Todd Garrison to become the next Chief of the North Port Police Department. Garrison has accepted the position. Garrison will now go through the required background check and physical. He would likely start his service to the North Port community in roughly 30 days.


After receiving the news Garrison says he is “excited to be a part of the North Port family while looking forward to leading the Department in a City with so much growth and potential.” A perfect fit for our up-and-coming community. “I believe my leadership style and ability to relate to officers of all ages will work well. I’m a cop’s cop.”


The 45-year-old is a third-generation law enforcement officer. His family’s history of guarding the public dating back to 1925. Garrison himself has 26 years of professional law enforcement experience and is currently employed by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office as a Captain/District Commander. He has served at the LCSO since 1994. Garrison has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Hodges University. He is a graduate of the FBI National Academy. His annual salary as head of NPPD will be set at $125,000.


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