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Oh good, more taxes so that the City of Sarasota can continue their frivolous spending habits.


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Oh good, more taxes so that the City of Sarasota can continue their frivolous spending habits.

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


The City of Sarasota stripped a page from the City of Venice’s book referring to the tax increase as “slight”.  I think Venice used the term, minimal tax increase.   It may be slight, however like in the City of Venice, when you factor in several fee increases and taxes against property or in the form of bonds, it is a huge ass increase.


City of Sarasota residents are looking at a 2.85%, so that the city can cover a budget deficit that is just shy of the one-million-dollar mark.  The city is blaming the fact that they had to take on the management of five parks from the county and not their spending.


You have to love the propaganda the city is putting out there, blaming the county for making the city take on the management of five parks and calling a tax increase “slight”.  Is it me or does this illustrate just how dumbed down they think the residents are?


Did I mention that this “slight” increase is in addition to the increased property tax that each home owner will be paying, due to the value of their homes going up?  Ah yes, the lovely housing bubble will screw the tax payer with a higher tax bill and then the double punch will come when the market cashes, just like the last time (according to the experts).


Don’t fret though, the tax increase is OK because the city has not raised taxes since 2013 not counting bonds, new fees, increased fees, and that lovely property value increasing with your taxes following suit.



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