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Powerful Video: ‘Enablers like Hillary Clinton Allowed Weinstein To Get Away With Sexual Abuse’  




Internet sees a BIG problem with Obama statement on disgraced Hollywood mogul


Tucker Carlson gave a powerful statement during last night’s Fox News broadcast, noting that Harvey Weinstein only got away with years of abusing women because enablers like Hillary Clinton allowed him the credibility to do so.

“For the days after the story broke, Democrats in Hollywood and Washington seemed to freeze, unsure of what to say, hoping the whole thing would just die down and go away.” Carlson noted.

“It hasn’t. Those actors who lecture you from the Oscar podium every year and their virtue and your lack of it–suddenly silent.” he added.

Carlson then turned the focus to Hillary Clinton, who after 5 days of saying nothing, finally issued a brief generic statement on the matter.

“The truth is that Weinstein couldn’t have gotten away with any of this without enablers like Hillary Clinton and the rest of the so-called ‘creative community’ in Hollywood,”Carlson urged.

“They knew about his behavior. It was common knowledge in that world.” the host added.

Carlson cited the Roman Polanski scandal, saying this isn’t the first time that “hundreds” of people either knew or suspected a history of sexual abuse but “stayed silent about it.”

“Now isolated incidents happen, but this is a trend,” Carlson stated. “Sexual abuse is epidemic in Hollywood. The people in charge have covered it up and made excuses for it, in each case protecting the powerful from the powerless and the abused.”

Carlson then called for the Justice Department to investigate “Hollywood’s culture of systematic sexual abuse.”

“Democrats in Congress say they ‘care about women,’” Carlson said. “Now let’s see if they mean it.””

Hillary’s statement was far from comprehensive, and was slammed as weak, especially given her history of denouncing abuse against women.


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