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Rita Figg:  FYI on a scammer that just us impersonating an FPL employee

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Rita Figg:  FYI on a scammer that just us impersonating an FPL employee



Rita Figg
Good Afternoon !

I just wanted to post a heads up about a scam that is going around ! we recvd a phone call from a man saying he was a technician with fla power and lt and had a work order to turn our power off for non payment ! he gave us a number to call to make payment arrangements, and a work order number — of course, i called fpl as i knew our bill was paid, and it was !! they requested we report it to our local police, and to my florida legal online – as i was on the phone, fpl went ahead and reported it to mfl – we called the sher. dept. , who were very nice and told us they are getting a lot of calls about this scam !! do no pay, do not give them any info, get as much info as you can from them and report it to fpl and the police !! we called the guy back and tried to get more info, which we did get, then told him he was a scammer , shame on him !! he hung up on us!!! so just be advised and be careful !!!


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