Sarasota County terminates their parks and recreation Interlocal Agreement with the City of Venice




 This was a ten year agreement, which the city and county entered into six years ago, in 2011.  Well actually a fifteen year agreement, if you consider the automatic five year renewal clause.


The county is staing that due to shortfalls in the general fund for 2019, the county is looking at ways to reduce their expenditures.  So, the county notified Venice that they will be terminating this Interlocal Agreement on 10.1.2018.


How will this impact  the City of Venice?  Well, essentially the county is stating that their will be no more money for parks and recreations and that the city is on their own.


This will be a major financial hit for the city and jeopardizes the Wellfield and Chuck Reiter Parks.  The city has clearly stated that there is no money for these parks and the parks are in an agreement with the county, not the city.  The county has stated that there is no money for these parks, due to the amount of money flowing to Benderson Park and the Braves training facility.


Who knows what the future of the parks holds…………….


To see the letter from the county to the city, click here —–>>>>>