Sarasota County to discuss paid parking at Siesta Key and hiring a consultant to review it



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Sarasota County to discuss paid parking at Siesta Key and hiring a consultant to review it

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report



** Update **

No action today, but will schedule a workshop, where they will have to make a final decision.  No date is set.  They will discuss the trolley (free, charge or get rid of it), utilizing SCAT more, bike sharing options, water taxi, and paid parking.  Also, decide if they should put out 40k for a parking consultant.





I wrote a piece the other day, regarding paid parking coming to Lido Beach courtesy of the City of Sarasota, to support the new garage.  Today, I wanted to cover paid parking coming to Siesta Key courtesy of the county.


I think we can all agree that the beach is overcrowded and in need of parking.  There is the trolley that runs a route, which picks up at different spots, trying to encourage parking at other locations.  However, that has eased the parking issues only so slightly.


The County is looking at the different options or actions that can be taken to resolve the Siesta Key parking problem in about thirty minutes.


As most of us should now, parking at beaches is FREE throughout the county.  However, the free parking is only one of a few variables that many individuals believe is leading to the lack of parking.


Will the county take on an approach that is being used at beaches like Englewood or some of the other beaches throughout Florida, where they charge for parking?  Will people pay $5 to park at the beach for the day?


This is the road that the county is looing into traveling down and the road that they have been reviewing for a while now.


Maio is up for re-election this year.

However, they can not do it on their own now, can they…………..  No, they have to pay out a few thousand dollars to have a consultant let them know if paid parking is the way to go………..


Are they kidding us?


Below are some of the documents that they will be reviewing, regarding this issue when the meeting starts back up at 1:30 and can be watch via a live stream at:




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