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SCSO: Treat traffic lights that are not working as four-way stops, and always yield to the driver on your right.

SCSO: Treat traffic lights that are not working as four-way stops, and always yield to the driver on your right.






SCSO: Another traffic crash caused by drivers failing to utilize inoperable intersection as 4-way stop. 

Post Date:09/12/2017 2:37 AM

Traffic lights that are not working should be treated as a four-way stop. As a reminder, at a four-way stop, the driver on the left should yield the right of way to the vehicle on the right.

Current list of intersections with out traffic signals:

17th Street East Avenue
17th Street Fire Station (Meadows)
17th Street Lime Street
17th Street Longmeadow Drive
17th Street Prudence Drive
Albee Farm Road Colonia Lane
Albee Farm Road Edmonson Road
Albee Farm Road Lucaya Road
Bahia Vista Street Kaufman Avenue
Bee Ridge Road Center Gate Boulevard/
Woodmont Drive
Bee Ridge Road Firestation 8 (east of I-75)
Bee Ridge Road Honore Avenue
Bee Ridge Road Lockwood Ridge Road
Bee Ridge Road Maxfield Boulevard
Bee Ridge Road McIntosh Road
Bee Ridge Road Murdock Avenue
Beneva Road Circus Drive
Beneva Road Fire Station (south of Circus Blvd)
Beneva Road Forest Lakes
Beneva Road Gulf Gate Drive
Beneva Road Kingston Boulevard
Beneva Road K-Mart
Beneva Road Lake Pt Woods/Timberwood Circle
Beneva Road Palmer Ranch Pkwy
Beneva Road Sarasota Sq Boulevard
Beneva Road Seaview
Beneva Road Torrey Pine Boulevard
Beneva Road Webber Street
Beneva Road Wilkinson Road
Cattlemen Road Bahia Vista Street
Cattlemen Road Colonial Oaks Boulevard
Cattlemen Road N Packinghouse
Cattlemen Road Palmer Boulevard
Cattlemen Road Webber
Cattlemen Road Wilkinson Road
Center Road Horse & Chaise Boulevard
Center Road Pinebrook Road
Center Road Rockley Boulevard
Center Road Shamrock Boulevard
Center Road Venice East Boulevard
Clark Road Catamaran Drive
Clark Road Gantt Road
Clark Road Honore Avenue
Clark Road I-75 East
Clark Road I-75 West
Clark Road Lockwood Ridge Road
Clark Road McIntosh Road
Clark Road Sawyer Road
Clark Road/Stickney Point Swift Road
Fruitville Road Coburn Road
Fruitville Road East Road
Fruitville Road Honore Avenue
Fruitville Road I-75 East
Fruitville Road I-75 West
Fruitville Road Paramount
Fruitville Road Sarasota Center Boulevard
Fruitville Road Tatum Road
Gulf Gate Drive Bispham Road
Gulf Gate Drive Gateway Avenue
Honore Avenue 17th Street
Honore Avenue Bahia Vista Street
Honore Avenue Desoto Road
Honore Avenue IntegraClick Avenue
Honore Avenue Longmeadow Drive
Honore Avenue Proctor Road
Honore Avenue SR 681
Honore Avenue Taywood Avenue
Honore Avenue Wilkinson Road
Jacaranda Boulevard Center Road
Jacaranda Boulevard Executive Drive / Commercial Court
Jacaranda Boulevard I-75
Jacaranda Boulevard Indian Hills Boulevard
Jacaranda Boulevard Sklar Drive
Jacaranda Boulevard Woodmere Park Boulevard
Laurel Road Albee Farm Road
Laurel Road I-75 East
Laurel Road I-75 West
Laurel Road Knights Trail
Laurel Road Laurel / Nokomis School
Laurel Road Legacy Trail
Laurel Road Mission Valley Road
Laurel Road Pinebrook Road
Lockwood Ridge Road 12th Street
Lockwood Ridge Road 17th Street
Lockwood Ridge Road 61st Street
Lockwood Ridge Road Desoto Road
Lockwood Ridge Road Fire Station
Lockwood Ridge Road Gocio Road
Lockwood Ridge Road MLK Jr. Way
McIntosh Road Bahia Vista Street
McIntosh Road Central Sarasota Pkwy
McIntosh Road King Richard
McIntosh Road Linwood Street
McIntosh Road Palmer Ranch Boulevard (RRX)
McIntosh Road Palmer Ranch Pkwy
McIntosh Road Sarasota Square Boulevard
McIntosh Road Sawyer Loop Road
McIntosh Road Webber Street
McIntosh Road Wilkinson Road
Midnight Pass Road Beach Road
Midnight Pass Road Higel Avenue
MLK Jr. Way Newton Boulevard
Palmer Boulevard Packinghouse Road
Pine Street Dearborn Street
Pine Street Medical Boulevard
Pinebrook Rod Edmondson Road
Potter Park Central Sarasota Pkwy
Proctor Road Cattlemen Road
Proctor Road Gantt Avenue
Proctor Road Hand Road
Proctor Road Lords Avenue
Proctor Road McIntosh Road
Proctor Road Riverwood Avenue
Proctor Road Sawyer Road
River Road Center Road
River Road Venice Avenue
River Road West Villages Pkwy
River Road Winchester Boulevard
Rockly Boulevard Plantation Drive
Sarasota Square Boulevard Potter Park
Siesta Drive Shade Avenue
SR 681 En Theos Ln at VOTT
SR 776 Englewood Isle Pkwy
SR 776 Fire Station (Englewood Isles)
SR 776 Fire Station (Hosmer)
SR 776 Jacaranda Boulevard
SR 776 Manasota Beach Road
SR 776 Overbrook Road
SR 776 Rutgers Road
SR 776 Virginia Court
SR 776 / Indiana Avenue Dearborn Street
Stickney Point Road Fire Station (Couver)
Stickney Point Road Gateway Avenue
Stickney Point Road Mall Drive / Sarasota Pavillion
Stickney Point Road Midnight Pass
Tuttle Avenue 12th Street
Tuttle Avenue 17th Street
Tuttle Avenue 8th Street
Tuttle Avenue Desoto Road
Tuttle Avenue MLK Jr. Way (27th St)
Tuttle Avenue Myrtle Street
University Pkwy Airport Circle
University Pkwy Conservatory Place
University Pkwy Honore Avenue
University Pkwy Lockwood Ridge Road
University Pkwy Longwood Run
University Pkwy Medici Court
University Pkwy Old Bradenton Road
University Pkwy Tuttle Avenue
University Pkwy West University Pkwy / County Line Road / Sarasota Lakes Boulevard
University Pkwy Whitfield Avenue
US 301 47th Street
US 301 Desoto Road
US 301 Myrtle Street
US 301 Northgate Boulevard
US 301 University Pkwy
US 41 Beechwood Avenue
US 41 Central Sarasota Pkwy / Livingstone Street
US 41 Club Drive
US 41 Constitution Boulevard
US 41 Field Avenue
US 41 Fire Station (Pavonia)
US 41 General Spaatz Boulevard
US 41 Glengary Street
US 41 Gulf Gate Drive
US 41 Ortiz Boulevard
US 41 Phillippi Creek Island
US 41 Phillippi Street
US 41 Proctor Road
US 41 Rockley Boulevard
US 41 Venice East Boulevard
US 41 Woodmere Park Boulevard
US 41 Worrington Street
Venice Avenue Auburn Road
Venice Avenue Capri Isle Boulevard
Venice Avenue Cherry Street / Venetian Pkwy
Venice Avenue Grove Street
Venice Avenue Pinebrook Road
Webber Street Shade Avenue


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