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SSA Gave $1.3 Million in Benefits to Criminals 



Criminals who had defrauded government receiving benefit payments





The Social Security Administration gave $1.3 million in benefits to criminals, including individuals who had already defrauded the government, according to a new audit.

The inspector general for the agency foundthat just over 50 representative payees who were felons received benefits even though they should have been barred from receiving payments. Representative payees are individuals who are responsible for administering benefits for someone who cannot manage payments themselves, such as their children or a disabled family member.

“Of the cases we reviewed, 51 individuals were serving as payees for 70 beneficiaries although the payees had been convicted of violating criminal sections of the Social Security Act, payee fraud, or other criminal felonies,” the inspector general said. “SSA paid the 51 payees about $1.3 million in beneficiaries’ benefit payments after their convictions.”

Thirty-nine criminals continued to receive benefits after the Social Security Administration implemented a policy in 2014 that banned felons from receiving benefits for others.

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