Strip Club “Business Meetings” Not At All Affected By #MeToo Movement 


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Strip Club “Business Meetings” Not At All Affected By #MeToo Movement | Zero Hedge


In an age of ultra-political correctness, arbitrary genders and sexual consent forms, one might think that the archetypal red-blooded American male has been reduced to a quivering, confused soy-boy afraid to express himself lest he offend a woman. And, according to Bloombergone would be wrong at least behind the closed doors of your average strip club.


Like Amish teenagers on a big-city bender, men have been conducting strip-club “meetings” in droves – perhaps because of the new progressive mandate that guys be on “best behavior” in the workplace – lest an unassuming testosterone-filled gentleman be accused of mansplaining, man-spreading, or sexually assaulting a woman with his eyes, words or thoughts.


The past year has brought new attention to the sexist and harassing behavior women face in many workplaces, from explicitly sexual overtures to getting passed over for leadership positions and raises. After all that, the idea that a strip club is a good place to, say, bond with a client or co-workers seems especially reckless, said Marianne Cooper, a sociologist at Stanford University’s Women’s Leadership Innovation Lab. –Bloomberg


Reckless, maybe – but live adult entertainment is a $6 billion-a-year business, according to WestPark Capital analyst Ishfaque Faruk, and the industry is experiencing what he calls “consumer-staple type growth” of around 1-2% per year. Faruk follows strip club megacompany RCI Hospitality Holdings, which tells him that business customers are “still part of the financial model.” 


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