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Take control of your Facebook news feed and have more say on which stories flow through your news feed


Take control of your Facebook news feed and have more say on which stories flow through your news feed

by Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News





Facebook has once again changed their algorithm to a more user oriented news feed  What that means to you and me is that some of the smaller news pages will take a hit and not be seen as much.

Many sites will see their drop significantly.  Smaller Facebook pages will be drowned out by the larger pages, via the amount of social media chatter that is posted daily.

There are a couple ways to take a proactive stance and to ensure that Facebook’s algorithms are not dictating the articles that you will get to read, the videos you can watch, or the pictures you can view.  Here is what you can do:

Go to “News Feed” on the top left of the Facebook home page and clicking on …  Once you do that you will be given the option of changing your home page feed from Top Stories to Most Recent, which will allow different posts to come through on your news feeds.


  • The other option is to go to your favorite pages and and to this:
    • click the “follow” button and it will change to following
    • While hovering your mouse over the following button, update your preferences
      • In your news feed – click “see first”
      • notifications – click all.  This will give you a notification when a site post, goes live with a video, or post an event.


Until Facebook stops micromanaging our feeds, we will be caught up in some propaganda loop feeding off Facebook’s micromanaging of filters  It will become an echo chamber, where you only hear information that Facebook wants you to see and/or hear.

The only people that will enjoy the platform are the cupcakes that welcome the the safe little bubble that Facebook has created for them.

How sinister!  Facebook is essentially censoring individuals, without them even realizing it. There feeds have become another one of their physiological test, as Facebook tries to control the decisions that individuals are making.  Doesn’t this secretive censorship open up a perfect scenario to keep the mainstream media in the driving seat of disseminating news and opinion – or their version of it?


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