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The Democrats IT Scandal Has Just Been Shoved Into The Realm Of Bizzare 



The Democrats IT Scandal Has Just Been Shoved Into The Realm Of Bizzare | The Daily Sheeple



Since most of the media is ignoring the democrats IT scandal in favor of focusing on national anthem protests and things Donald Trump Tweeted, many missed the new bizarre twist. The slowly exploding scandal is being swept away by the mainstream media.

Back in July, The Daily Sheeple reported on some of the odd things going on surrounding the strange case of Imran Awan, the IT aide Representative Debbie Wasserman Schultz, (D-Fla.,) kept on her payroll even though  he and wife Hina Alvi Awan, were being investigated by the Capitol Police for possible theft, fraud, moving terabytes of data from Congress’s system and more.  There was a media blackout surrounding this scandal, and that has not changed.


Roger Stone has even alleged that on the night of his murder, Seth Rich was partying with Imran Awan. Coincidence? More than likely not since the mainstream media fails to even mention this case.

But, Imran Awan was back in court last week. According to Fox News, only a few reporters sat in the almost empty wooden benches in the back of the courtroom. Anyone who didn’t know this was the latest scene in a slowly exploding political scandal would have thought this was only a forgettable bank fraud case. When pressured, Assistant U.S. Attorney Michael Mirando revealed some telling things about this case:

 Chris Gowen, Imran’s attorney, asked that Imran’s travel restrictions be removed.

This prompted Assistant U.S. Attorney Mirando to say that when Imran was arrested at Dulles International Airport a cellphone found on him “had been wiped clean just a few hours before.”

Gowen tried to counter this by saying, “Awan had recently bought the phone, so of course it didn’t have any data on it.”

But Mirando was ready. He said the FBI found that the phone had been wiped as clean as Hillary’s server. A time stamp on the iPhone indicated it had been wiped at 6:30 p.m. that evening. Also, Imran did have a laptop on him, but one of the few things on it was a resume. Mirando used this and other details—such as the Awans quickly selling many of their Virginia properties—to explain that Imran had no intention of returning.

In another twist, Gowen brought up a computer that Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz wants back so badly she actually threatened the chief of the Capitol Police in a public hearing with “consequences” if she didn’t get it back.

Gowen argued that the computer and documents seized in a bag left in a public area of a congressional building around midnight on April 6, 2017, are “protected by attorney-client privilege.” Gowen hopes to remove this evidence from future court proceedings.

Gowen, however, didn’t answer what Imran was doing in the Longworth congressional building late at night and long after he’d been fired by every Democrat aside from Rep. Wasserman Schultz (Wasserman Schultz’s office isn’t in Longworth). –Fox News

But before the court hearing even started, Imran’s wife was the source of scrutiny. Hina Alvi Awan had flown away to Pakistan with their children soon after the investigation became known, but she was in the courtroom.  Fox News speculated that she may have been back as part of a plea deal.

While Hina Alvi was gone, on August 17, 2017, a federal grand jury indicted her and Awan on four counts, including conspiracy and conspiring to obtain home equity loans for $165,000 and $120,000 from the Wright Patman Congressional Federal Credit Union and then transferring the money to Pakistan.

Imran Awan is considered such a flight risk that his passport was taken, he was given a curfew and was fitted with a tracking device. Meanwhile, Hina Alvi’s passport was also publicly taken during the court hearing, but she was officially listed as a “walk in,” a tracking device wasn’t attached to her ankle, and the government had asked the court to quash an outstanding warrant for her arrest.

Quietly, this scandal unfolds bizarrely with nary a peep from the media.

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