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The Sanctuary Schools Of Sarasota County


Francesco S. Abbruzzino, The Uncensored Report


Recently two illegal immigrants savagely raped a fourteen year-old at school, while in the bathroom.  One is 17 and an 18 year-old, both from Central America.  The 18 year-old had a pending deportation order.  The students were placed into a freshmen level class, where they met the young lady. 

This incident brought to light the fact that illegals can apply to attend school and cannot be turned away.  So, how are these kids vetted?  How do we know if a 23 year-old isn’t stating that he or she is only 17? What systems are in place to ensure the safety of our youth?  Should  upper-teen illegal immigrants with poor language skills be put in schools and along side your child?

Two teens accused of assaulting a 14-year-old girl in a high school bathroom, ICE reveals at least one was in the country illegally

Posted by Fox & Friends on Tuesday, March 21, 2017


I decided to write the Sarasota County School board and I requested some basic information, via a FOIA request.  My questions were simple:

This is Frankie Abbruzzino with The Scoop News.  I wanted to see if I could get a breakdown on illegals that are within the Sarasota County School District.  Here is what I am looking for:

  • Are there illegals within the Sarasota County School system?
  • If so:
    • How many are attending school within the district
    • Is there a breakdown per school?
    • what are their age ranges?
    • Is there a vetting process in place?
    • What if any precautions do the school board have in place, regarding monitoring bathrooms and other secluded areas of the campuses?

Their communication contact Scott Ferguson responded back to me, basically cutting and pasting why they do not keep stats.  Note that he did not touch on my last question of – What if any precautions do the school board have in place, regarding monitoring bathrooms and other secluded areas of the campuses

Here is his response:

Ferguson Scott <>

To Francesco Abbruzzino – BCI

CC Leatherman Gary Tippen Debbie

Today at 11:30 AM

Mr. Abbruzzino,

We do not have stats on this. Here’s why:

The U.S. Supreme Court ruled in Plyler vs. Doe (457 U.S. 202, 1982) that undocumented children and young adults have the same right to attend public primary and secondary schools as do U.S. citizens and permanent residents. Like other children, undocumented students are obliged under state law to attend school until they reach a mandated age. As a result of the Plyler ruling, public schools may not:

·         Deny admission to a student during initial enrollment or at any other time on the basis of undocumented status.

·         Treat a student differently to determine residency.

·         Engage in any practices to “chill” the right of access to school.

·         Require students or parents to disclose or document their immigration status.

·         Make inquiries of students or parents that may expose their undocumented status.

·         Require Social Security numbers from all students, as this may expose undocumented status.

Scott Ferguson

Communications Specialist


The bottom line is that the Sarasota County School board has no idea how many illegal immigrants are within their system and they have no interest in knowing.  In essence, the schools within the county are sanctuary schools, not unlike sanctuary cities.

Hypothetically an illegal MS-13 member could cross the border and make his way into Sarasota County.  Upon arriving, this undocumented individual could be 23, but claim to be 17 and be able to attend any of the local schools.  Once he is a student at a local school, the individual could set up a base, where he can operate and run the normally drug dealing activities of MS-13.  Perhaps even murdering a student that does not go along with their program. Of course, the individual could truly be a seventeen-year-old student that is straight A’s and a great kid.  I understand that it can go both ways.

My question to the parents of students within Sarasota County is simple, are you OK with the Sarasota County School Board hiding behind Plyler vs. Doe and using it as a vehicle to blindly allow any person to attend the schools?  By doing this they are not vetting any individual that wants to attend the schools.  The schools that we the tax payers are paying to provide our kids a safe environment.  It even brings up another issue of the fact that the schools are short on funds, which are negatively impacting the education of children that are citizens.   So, are they being good stewards with our money by allowing any person into the school system with a free education, free lunch, and much more?

I would love to read your thoughts on this, so let me know do you agree with how the Sarasota School Board is handling illegals or does this concern you?

My Uncensored Report on this issue.

The Uncensored Report with Francesco Saverio Abbruzzino – A follow-up report to my story yesterday: The Sanctuary Schools Of Sarasota County. You can read that article at: You can watch and listen to my other Uncensored Reports on my site at

Posted by Francesco Abbruzzino – The Uncensored Report on Thursday, March 23, 2017


Let the school board know your thoughts.  You can reach them at:





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