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The Scoop’s action brings out the true character of individuals, that are selling themselves as the poor individual that was banned by The Scoop



The Scoop’s action brings out the true character of individuals, that are selling themselves as the poor individual that was banned by The Scoop




Funny, I was just sent this by a person that is in this group (not my wife).  Actually, I have been sent a few screen shots from a few groups.  My wife is in this group and I heard her going off about the ill-informed postings. I asked her not to read them or send them to me because I have work and don’t really care about someone that is upset with me.
So, is it any wonder why I blocked or I am not professional with in their eyes. All because Brian Woodruff ( or Mcfly -Hey man. Just want to let you know that Brian Woodruff is also Brian Woodman Mcfly and other names. He uses the Mcfly name as an admin of the 941 nosey group. I booted him from our groups a while back for trolling. You do good work. Keep it up.) was upset that after him telling me for the second time in three days that if I do not fix and issue that I had no control over, he was leaving the page.  I did not say please don’t leave and I showed him the door, so he lost it.  The same guy that stated in a group the other day that drug addicts that OD deserve to die.  A great guy that all of these trolls are rallying behind.
Well back to this photo shot, just read her post and see what I have to deal with on a daily basis via email and on this page.  This is only one of several screen shots, where they are all communicating in this manner.  
FYI. A few people have tried to use that Mayor thing. That shows their ignorance. It was clear that I ran only to make a point about allowing politicians not to walk into office, without a challenge. I stated that and I stated that I would not win based upon the political process. I did it to bring attention to issues that Holic was not paying attention to, within our community. I stated clearly by winning, I would lose money………. Yet, these ill informed individuals view that as a issue to get a dig on me.
It is amazing that I have donated money to numerous people and entities, that I share stuff to help groups and people, and I use my site for the greater good.  Yet, because I was not nice to Brian, I don’t care for the community.

I took down yesterday’s posting because it was Sunday and I wanted to enjoy my day, versus sitting on Facebook dealing with ass clowns all day. Note, I added something today and I am more than happy to do battle and ban idiots, most of which make it a negative experience for user of this page.

Most of the attacks have been that I make money on this site. Funny thing is, i give all the net profits to non profits or people in need. You know what, lets turn a new leaf. I make six figures with my company and do not need the money. However, since everyone thinks I am an ass and making a ton of money, maybe I will ramp up my efforts to make money on this site and not donate or give any away. I will no long share information to help people locally, and I am going to turn into this evil person that Brian and all of my hate club fans think I am……………..

Thank you, so now I can keep the money and start to be the dick a lot of you think I am…… So, keep going to my site and supporting my new endeavor.

God help us all with these social media tough guys. I guess they have to be since I am a big guy and most of them will not confront me. it sucks that such ignorance has forced me to conceal carry wherever I go now……………
Ok, hopefully these safe space crybabies will be done soon. Don’t any of them work or have a life outside of social media? Geez…………. 🙂
So, who is the bad guy.  I personally do not want people that are communicating like this lady on my pages.  I think it is for the better good of the community to ban them.
So, I am gong to either run full force and keep all the money from the site, since that is what I am being accused of or just shut down the site.  I may just do that, since I barely make any money.  So, if it goes dark, you know why, I mean no reason to remain up and active if not giving the money back to the community…….  This article is my last comment on it via the web or on the threads.  It is time to ignore their ignorance and go back to making money or work, something they apparently are not doing………..  Thanks.




** Notice **
I get a lot of information form throughout the community.  A lot of the emails to me can not be collaborated.  I put the information out there and it is up to you to decided if accurate or not…..



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