There Will Be Protest And Cheers For Gov. Scott On Monday In Venice, Yet The Water Quality Question Will Not Get Resolved






There Will Be Protest And Cheers For Gov. Scott On Monday In Venice, Yet The Water Quality Question Will Not Get Resolved

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News



As most of you know by now, Senate Candidate and current Governor of Florida, Rick Scott will be in S. Venice this Monday.


Governor Rick Scott Is Coming To Venice!


I can tell you that the last time he was in Venice, he was running for Governor.  There were a lot of protesters and supports at the event.  I covered it as a member of the press and it was hard to get anywhere near him.


Just like the last time, there will be protest, however this time they are organizing online and there may be more people showing up to protest, due to the concern with our water quality.


Venice Protests Rick


I wanted to note that our choices for Senator are not great.  There is Bill Nelson (D) who has been in office for years and is part of the problem.   Then there is Rick Scott (R) who has been the Governor for eight years and is part of the problem.  I am not sure who the idiot is that told him to run with the career politician ads against Nelson, since many view Scott in the same manner.


What has Nelson and Scott done to when it comes to our water quality?  Well very little, until recently during their campaign, how convenient. 


  • Southwest Florida Water Management is still using the ICW and Gulf as the dumping ground for street runoff water. I have visited the different sites and my understanding is that the county does not filter their runoff pipes, leading to what you see in this video.



Cities like Venice claim the filter the runoff, but many of us do not buy it, since the beaches are closing constantly around where the runoff pipes dump their pollutants, on a regular basis.  They continue to call myself “Fake News”, regardless of the facts I bring to the table.  They want to discredit The Scoop, yet shouldn’t they pay more attention to me, when video’s like this one covering the runoff issue is viewed over 32,000 times?


City of Venice Making Way For More Pollution To Dump Into The Gulf

#BreakingScoopThe City of Venice creating a better outflow so that thousands more of gallons of black murky toxic crap will flow in to the water.I received this lead from concerned worker at the City of Venice. He said the workers were given hazmat uniforms, but I did not see them wearing them.For my updates or If you want to share this with your non FB friends, send them to my website at: #outflow #Bacteria #cityofVenice #pollution

Posted by Francesco Abbruzzino – The Scoop on Monday, August 13, 2018


or this one put out by Rob Merlino


The county dismisses residents and states they are doing all they can on the issue.  Both Nelson and Scott have been silent on this issue.  Why?  These outflow pipes are dumping septic tank overflows from S. Venice and other areas into the water ways.   Along, with animal feces, fertilizer, oils, and other pollutants that are found in the streets.  Why is there so much focus on Okeechobee and so little attention on this issue?  Also, the county claims they are spending a ton of money on the runoff question and basically dismiss their constituents. Why?  By the way, Commissioner Detert served many years as a State Senator, where she did nothing to resolve these issues, so it should not surprise anybody that she is doing nothing now.




Isn’t it great how Maio and Detert (via agreeing w Maio’s sentiments) lectured the press for continuing the negative coverage regarding the red tide impact?  Yes, they would like us to be a bit more positive, so that tourist will come here to visit.  By that time the business will have their money and the politicians will have the businesses off of their backs.  Meanwhile, those tourist will be so pissed off, that they will not come back and each one will tell ten friends not to come near Sarasota County.


  • Okeechobee issue. Scott blames Nelson stating that the Federal Government has jurisdiction over this issue and that he has very little say or control on the issue.  After that charge was leveled, Nelson began to introduce legislation.  Nelson blames Scott stating that he has not done enough at the state level.  Meanwhile the flood gates remain open and continue to increase the flow of “Big Sugar” pollutants into the Gulf.  Manatees, dolphins, and fish are dying in the masses.   It is an ecological disaster out there.  Yet, the blame game is the only action that we are seeing. 


  • Red Tide. It appears to be natural, going back to the 1800’s.   Many individuals and agencies are focused on this narrative, side tracking that the tide is now aggravated by the bloom and pollution.   Agencies such as Mote are focused on getting rid of or controlling red tide, versus focusing on the issues that is aggravating it.  Well, that is the perception…………  Instead of working on an oxidizer that may get rid of red tide in a small inlet area, how about focusing on stopping or curtailing the agitators.   Resolutions like the one Mayor Holic put out are a joke.  Asking someone to voluntarily stop fertilizing, is like asking someone not voluntarily stop speeding.  It does not work, until enforceable laws are put in place.


So, protesting Scott is fine and so is celebrating his run for Senate.  However, does anyone really believe that if Scott or Nelson wins that anything will change?  They are no different than our local politicians.  Yes, you read it right.  Holic, Detert, Maio, Nelson, and Scott.  They are all full of promises while running, but lack action once they have been elected into office.





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