Things to do this weekend in Sarasota County 9.14-9.16



Things to do this weekend in Sarasota County 9.14-9.16





  • Farmers market in Downtown Sarasota and the island of Venice

This is Francesco Saverio Abbruzzino with The Scoop News and now we are at the Venice Farmer's Market on the island, it is open until 12I put this on my website for non FB folks. The Scoop News – Live video from the Craft Fair and Farmers Market In Venice 6.17.17

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Siesta Drum Circle – SIESTA KEY BEACH

WOW! Did you experience tonight's drum circle? I love how organic the circle is. This is one of my longer video clips at nearly 4 minutes, as tonight's circle was even more amazing. Can YOU balance a sword on your head while executing Tai Chi-like moves around the Circle? Bagpipes joined the circle. The 'garbage can guy' joined the circle. A dance off evolved between 2 young guys who turned the sand into a dance floor w/ stunt dancing that suddenly collapsed the circle as people rushed to witness the fun. At this time of year, I'm really surprised by the number of people coming out for the Sunday night drum circle. Though forecasters called for rain today, we stayed dry and the sun peeked through to cap another amazing weekend. Over the next few days, I'll try to share a few more video clips from tonight's drum circle. To the wonderful people like Tim, Samantha, Carly, and Susan who noticed me at the Circle, introducing themselves and thanking me for this Sarasota Lifestyle Facebook community, it is I who's grateful to each one of you for joining me on this daily adventure as we pursue a simple, fun life with as little stress as possible. The drum circle epitomizes good vibrations, whether you're capping off a weekend or beginning a week. 🙂 Hope you enjoyed a wonderful weekend and "sun day." #siestadrumcircle #sarasotalifestyle #sarasotaflorida

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Sunday – Church, beach, home w the family?




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