Twitter Caught Censoring Drudge Report Again  



Tweet about Charlie Hebdo cover marked “sensitive”.





Twitter has been caught censoring tweets from an account that sends out news headlines from the Drudge Report yet again.

A tweet about the cover of Charlie Hebdo sent out earlier today was censored, with the words, “The following may contain sensitive material.”

Another tweet about an asteroid with a link to the NASA website was also censored.

Although the tweets were not censored in all regions, numerous individuals in America reported that they were blocked.

Back in March, Twitter censored virtually every tweet the Drudge Report account was sending out at one point, with some reporting that “hardly any tweets were visible”.

Earlier this month, Eric Trump accused Twitter of censoring his tweets about positive economic news.

“Why are my tweets about jobs and the economy being censored?” tweeted the son of the president.

The tweets were marked with the words, “This tweet is not available because it includes potentially sensitive content.”



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