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U.S. communities will face chronic flooding as sea levels rise 




U.S. communities will face chronic flooding as sea levels rise – CBS News


It may not be a household term, but “chronic inundation” will become daily reality this century for hundreds of U.S. coastal communities in the crosshairs of sea level rise, according to a new analysis from the Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS).

Chronic inundation is term used to describe when a community faces flooding at least 26 times a year — the equivalent of every other week — on more than 10 percent of its usable land, the science advocacy group explained. Chronic inundation does not stem from storm events: it’s simply the result of high tides rising higher and reaching farther inland as carbon emissions rise and ice sheets melt. This level of flooding will require expensive infrastructure investments, and in some cases mass relocations of residents to safer areas further inland.

“There comes a threshold of chronic flooding that makes normal routines impossible and forces communities to make difficult, often costly choices,” the UCS said in a statement. “If saltwater regularly soaked your basement or first floor, kept you from getting to work, or damaged your car, how often would it have to happen before you began looking for a new place to call home?”

More than 90 U.S. communities already cope with chronic inundation. That number will jump to 490 by 2100, and include 40 percent of all oceanfront communities on the East and Gulf Coasts, according to the UCS projections.



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