Venice:  Downtown construction is behind and business owners are depleting their savings trying to stay afloat



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Venice:  Downtown construction is behind and business owners are depleting their savings trying to stay afloat


Janice talked about the impact of the construction on her business and how some business have already closed during the public hearing. Nobody on the council responded to her concerns.


As you can see from the two emails below, there is concern out there with construction on the island being behind schedule.  This construction is negatively impacting business on the Ave and on Miami in a significant manner.  I know of one business owners that has depleted his savings trying to stay afloat and I am hearing that many of the business owners are starting to question why the City of Venice Council members and Mayor went forward with the construction.


Did they stop and think about the impact that closing down thee out of four lanes would have on the local business owners?  If so, was it for a quick five minutes because anyone that thought long and hard about the impact that the construction would have, would have handled it much better.





From: Janice
Sent: Sunday, October 7, 2018 9:48:23 PM
To: John Holic
Cc: City Council
Subject: Downtown Construction Delays

Mayor Holic,
As a Shop Owner and City resident, I am vitally concerned with the success of the Downtown Construction Project.
October 6, 2018 was the date Venice Ave eastbound side was originally scheduled for completion and the westbound section schedule called for a completion date of November 21, 2018.
The October 6, 2018 deadline has passed, and the latest schedule indicates a one month delay which will have Venice Ave as well as Tampa Ave under construction during the peak Christmas shopping period.
As this will have a detrimental effect on businesses and shoppers, I request a meeting with City officials responsible for the management of this project to determine what can be done to get the work on Venice Ave back on schedule.
I will plan to attend the Council meeting on October 9, 2018 and make such a request under the appropriate Agenda Item where you will be discussing the Downtown Construction Project.  I trust you and Council will give your support for getting this project back on schedule.
Yours truly,



From: Mike  
Sent: Monday, October 8, 2018 6:09:02 AM
To: John Holic
Subject: Downtown Construction Project Management

Good Morning John,

As you know I have been following this project recently.  Could you help me as far as the structure the City has implemented for Construction Management.
I know we have a design consultant and a consultant monitoring/testing work….however, do we have an independent construction manager or is the City doing that?
The latest progress report indicates a significant delay in the completion of Venice Ave.  What is being done to get the work back on schedule?
I know the Downtown Construction Project is on the agenda for tomorrow’s Council Meeting and trust you will urge steps be taken to avoid any further detrimental impacts on downtown shoppers particularily during the Christmas Holiday period.
Best regards,


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