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Venice is hiring a consultant to review their utility rates and may consider a third party to analyze the water quality


Venice is hiring a consultant to review their utility rates and may consider a third party to analyze the water quality





Water quality.

Councilman Daniels has sent an email to the City Clerk requestiong for the City Council to discuss having a third party come in and test the water quality in the City of Venice.

This was brought up during an email communication between the councilman, the City Manager and myself.  The City Manager thought it was a waste of money to test the water quality through a third party.

I brought up that it was concerning that he did not want to bring in a third party to test the water that he oversees.  Also, that the city will spend money on consultants for frivolous things, but not on ensuring the health of the residents.

This came up after ABC Action News ran a report, which listed Venice as one of the worse utilities, when it comes to water quality.  Then they listed some results that a third party posted on their site.

The utilities department and city stated that they were not accurate.

  • They admitted to having the results indicated, which had high levels of some cancer causing elements.  However, they stated that the city follows another standard that apparently is not as stringent as the one the third party was following.  Based upon that standard, their water quality was great.
  • They led people to believe that the third party was not accurate because they did not conduct the actual test, instead they interpreted the test results.  However, they did not really touch on the fact that the EPA conducted the actual test, that the numbers were accurate with what the EPA put out, and that the EPA considers the levels to be outside the norm.

The Mayor and city were hoping that letter would be enough to put down any concerns regarding their water quality.  Then WWSB did a puff peace on it, to reinforce their findings.

That is when I pointed out that the person responding (the Assistant City Manager) was actually over that department during the time frame reported and how do we know that he is not just covering his butt.  Especially since they pulled the usual routine of stating that a report is wrong and they are right, without giving any factual evidence as to why the city is right.  On the other hand the third party has provided factual numbers to support their report.

So, my request was for a third party to ensure the water quality is at the highest standard and not some lower standard that the city appears to be following.  I can tell you that as a resident I never drink the water because of the quality.

Lastly a member of the Environmental board for the city ask for somebody to explain elevated levels of chlorine in the city water, which are twice the standard.

Councilman Daniels reviewed all of this and agreed that perhaps the city does need a third party to review the water quality issue, versus just taking the utility departments word on it.

Now it goes before the council for discussion and then they can vote to not take action or take action.

If you want to send an e-mail to the mayor and all council members, use:



New Business:

Background:  recently our city has received some emails questioning our drinking water quality and our standards

Question for council:  should we have a completely neutral third party evaluate our drinking water?

Motion: TBD

Councilman Bob Daniels


Regarding the utility rates

From: Stacy McKenzie
Sent: Monday, July 31, 2017 10:45:40 AM
To: Fred Francis; Lee Lichtle; Deb Reynolds; Mike Pachota; Anthony Pinzone; Jerry Jasper
Cc: Javier Vargas
Subject: Utilities Rate Study Stakeholder’s Work Group

Good morning.


The City of Venice Utilities Dept. is going to be performing with a consultant on a new rate study next fiscal year.  You were a member of the previous Utilities Rate Study Stakeholder’s Work Group.  I am contacting you to see if you would be interested again for the new rate study.


Meetings will start up sometime next year.


Please let me know and I will add you to our list of contacts.



Stacy McKenzie-Grant
Office Manager
City of Venice Utilities Dept.


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