Venice:  My thoughts on Helen Moore challenging Fred Fraize for Seat 3



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Venice:  My thoughts on Helen Moore challenging Fred Fraize for Seat 3

By Francesco Abbruzzino, The Scoop News




As I reported a few days ago, Helen Moore is running against Fred Fraize who is hoping to retain Seat 3 on the Venice Council.



Moore was approached by a group of individuals that seek to merge the Venice Fire Department with the Sarasota County Department.  How do I know this?  Well, the group approached me and asked me to run, but I did not have any interest in it.


Rich Cautero will be going at it unopposed.  I asked why he was not target and they basically felt that he was onboard with the merger.


This organization only has one year to achieve their objective of a merger with the county, should Moore win the race.  I state that because Gates, Daniels, and Holic are all three-term limited and cannot run again.  All three are for the merger, under certain conditions.  Gates and Daniels can run for Mayor if they choose, but at this point only Daniels seems to be interested in running for Mayor next year.


Maybe I will run as the disruptor again.  I would never win, but it is only $140, and it gives the “home town paper” an opportunity to slander me.  I would only consider this, if it is Daniels or Gates and if they run unopposed. 😊


Moore stated that she wants to stabilize the council before it goes through a major change next year.  Good luck with that one.  As long as Holic is leading that council, instability will continue.


With Fraize, we know what we are getting.  He has shown himself to be a huge supporter of the bicycling community and environmentally sound policies.  He has come out against the developers on many occasions.  However, I have seen him cave in to the opposition, versus standing firm a few times, which is concerning.  He has shown himself to be truly for conservative growth advocate, versus someone like Mitzie who ran on slow growth, yet continuously votes in favor of development.  She has proven herself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing.


I noted Mitzi because we do not know what we are getting with Moore.   Moore is a realtor with Michael Saunders and she has served on the Venice Planning Commission for a few years.  A concern to many slow growth advocates.  Being a realtor, she is all about growth, which she relies upon to put food on the table.  Also, her voting record on the planning commission has shown that she is a fan of development.  It will not surprise me to see the likes of Jeff Boone as a contributor to her campaign.    This well-to-do individual from the Esplanade on the island, may not be in touch with the people of Venice and I see her as one of the elitists that think they run Venice and not us peasants.


This campaign may be interesting, but unless I see something different, I am not so sure I can throw my support behind Moore.  However, if the chatter is correct and the money flow as expected, she just may be sitting behind the deices come this November and Fraize may find himself off on a vacation.




To be continued………………………….


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