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Venice residents files a FOIA request with the FBI, regarding the 911 Venice based hijackers and who they communicated with via the Venice Library computers




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via Bill Warner

Venice residents files a FOIA request with the FBI, regarding the 911 Venice based hijackers and who they communicated with via the Venice Library computers



If you want to learn more about the hijackers and Saudi family connections to Venice, Sarasota, and North Port (were some of them rented a home), Bill Warner is a good source at


  From: Mario Messina <>
Subject: FOIPA Request, The 9/11 hijackers use of the public computers at the Venice (Florida) library, prior to 9/11 
Date: November 6, 2017 at 2:08:50 PM EST
November 6, 2017

To: The Federal Bureau of Investigation 
Attn: FOI/PA Request 
Record/Information Dissemination Section 
170 Marcel Drive 
Winchester, VA 22602-4843

• Sent by registered letter, return receipt requested and by e-mail
To:  Attention: FOI/PA Request
This is a request under the Freedom of Information Act. covering a request for all the FBI  information related to the 9/11 hijackers use of the public computers at the Venice Florida library, prior to 9/11. 
Dear FOIA Officer:  
 This request  is related to and is under the Freedom of Information Act for FBI reports referenced in the “28 pages” of Congress’s Joint Inquiry into the 9/11 attacks that have been declassified. 
• Copies of this request is being sent to:  
• the FBI Tampa Division – Attention: Paul Wysopal,  
• Senator Bob Graham, 
  • Judge William J. Zloch.
• Homeland Security,the CIA,
• and many other “Notables”, i.e., a selection of national/local news papers, news media (such as CNN, 60 Minutes, etc).
• Date range of request: From 2001 to October 30, 2017.    One  might askWhy was this not submitted a long time ago?   Response: the strategy was to wait to see if this particular important episode would ever be reported in any FBI reports, in the PENTTBOMB investigation, the Joint congressional 9/11 committee report and/or in the recent release of the 28 retracted missing pages.  It was not!   Why?  What is being requested herein is very important in view of the  “missing dots  in the 9/11 investigations and will be instrumental in identifying and deterring, in advance, future terrorist plots. and attacks.
• Description of request:   Reference:  The FBI’s PENTTBOMB investigation.   I am Requesting Information that the FBI obtained from the public computers at the Venice (Florida) library, prior to 9/11- computers that the three 9/11 hijackers, used while were living in a Venice Florida apartment complex and while enrolled in flight training schools at the Venice, municipal Airport prior to the 9/11 attacks.  Please search the FBI’s indices to the Central Records System for the information responsive to this request related to this.
• I am not part of any commercial or political association.   However many “notable”  individuals and organizations will be made aware of this request.
• I willing to pay up to for the processing of this request, provided it is reasonable. Please inform me if the estimated fees will exceed this limit before processing my request.  I am not seeking information for personal use nor commercial use.  However, one should take into consideration that this information is apparently and strangely missing from all the 9/11 investigations.  It may finally help connect the dots as to who financed these hijackers,  who and from where were their operations coordinated, who they were communicating with and the subject of their conversations.
• Please communicate with me via my personal e-mail instead of of the US. mail as it is less costly and quicker.  I can also be reached by my global cell phone, 1-941-223-9100.
• Special note:  My Florida residence is a short distance between the Venice Airport, where three Saudi hijackers trained and lived ( in now called “The Citadel Apartments of Venice”),  where they used the computers in the The Venice Public library) and the family the hijackers visited, i.e.,the Saudi couple, Abdulazzi-Haiijjii and his wife who lived in a gated community of Prestancia in Sarasota.
• How I learned, by chance, that the hijackers were using the Venice Library computers is a bizarre story.  I would be most willing to elaborate.
• I have no intention of contributing to any conspiracy theory, nor even suggest that the hijackers had ties to the Saudi Royal Family.  However, by simply reviewing the Royal Family’s  Wahhabism”, (defined on Goggle) one cannot be blamed for being very concerned, for the future of our nation and its safety.  
• One issue that appears not to have been revealed nor reported is how these hijackers, young men, apparently neither poor nor uneducated were indoctrinated, brain- washed to conduct such a terrible act against innocent people.  This is why we must know who they were communicating with and the contents of  their communications so that, we hope, history will not be repeated.  No doubt “cells” are present in the USA and as close as modern – day communications will facilitate and are encouraging groups or individuals to conduct heinous acts. 
•  Bio of Mario Messina:
Mario is a Florida resident, a private citizen, born in Jackson Heights, Queens, New York, (parents were born in Dallas).  Jesuit high school, a multi-degreed geologist from The University of Texas in Austin where in grad school he taught geology and conducted research on a variety of subjects.  Mario is  an “Earth Scientist/philosopher.”  Mario, widely traveled, is the founder of and the previous CEO of a global network of Messina companies and national associations worldwide whose activity over 50+ years involved the R& D, production, marketing,  and field engineering of a comprehensive line of Messina trademarked  oil field chemicals used in the drilling, completion, cementing, stimulation and production of wells for oil, gas and geothermal energy.  Messina’s  competitors were companies such as Halliburton, Schlumberger , Baker Hughes, etc.   Messina’s customers, the end users/operators, were and are the national and worlds’ multi -national oil and gas companies. such as Exxon,  Shell, ONGC (India) Aramco (KSA)  Pemex (Mexico) etc.  References are available on request.   
Mario holds a USA patent for an innovative system for the protection and the building of beaches and coastlines. It is Mario’s the intention to expand and add to this patent a novel way to grow coral reefs and to provide a habitat for sea life, vegetable and animal. 
Mario has made presentations  of his Energy-2050© manuscript to organizations in the USA, UK etc.  The Energy-2050 reviews the pros and cons of all the energy sources, i.e., oil gas coal nuclear, hydro, wind, geothermal, etc.,  in the world today and suggests where we need to be by the year 2050 (and byond) for the generation of safe, environmentally friendly, politically  independent, sustainable and renewable energy.  Mario’s presentation continues to evolve and updated.
• The information that the FBI is expected to provide should lead us to who coordinated and financed 9/11.  
• Mario is also fulfilling a role of a part time, freelance, Investigative Reporter
• If you have any questions or would like more information, please do not hesitate to contact me,
• With all due respect to the FBI, I remain, with gratitude for your service, and will look forward to hearing from you at your earliest convenience.  Time is of the essence.
Thank you.
Yours sincerely,

Mario Leo Messina
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