Venice:  Residents note several concerns with the location of the new fired station on the island


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Venice:  Residents note several concerns with the location of the new fired station on the island


Mr. John Holic, Mayor

City of Venice


As a condo owner, in the complex located at 500 Granada and 100 Avenue Des Parques, directly across from the proposed location of the new Venice fire station, I am writing to express  the following concerns:


1.     My understanding is that fire trucks will exit onto Avenue Des Parques, with an immediate left turn onto Granada Avenue.  From a safety perspective, this is of great concern.  Avenue Des Parques is a very very popular street for cyclists and pedestrians travelling to both the beach and downtown areas.


2.     Noise and light pollution is another issue.  With the current site, our condo already   experiences enhanced noise issues when there is a call.  I understand this is inevitable, and suggest the new site could minimize the impact of noise and sound on our complex by entering and exiting onto Granada Avenue.


3.     As a historic city, planned by John Nolan, Venice Island was designed to create an ambiance with a certain symmetry reflected in part with street medians. Removing the median on Avenue Des Parques will go against this objective.


4.     The parking spaces on Avenue Des Parques, which allows quick access to the condo unit have been essential for owners in our unit over the last 30 years, in addition for our guests.  Removal of these spaces is very much a concern.


5.     As mentioned in a joint letter from our President, Katherine Hester (Dec.3, 2018), there is concern on the impact the proposed new site will have on our property values.  We need and want to maintain the uniqueness of our location, given our access to downtown and the beach. There are concerns this new site could have a negative impact.



Please consider the above issues with your council as you deliberate next steps. It is very much appreciated.


Kind regards,