Venice Tax Watch: Fact Sheet on City’s Ability to Address Development


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Venice Tax Watch: Fact Sheet on City’s Ability to Address Development

Fact Sheet on City’s Ability to Address Development



Mike Rafferty <>

Feb 9 at 9:47 AM



Good Morning John,


I note on Tuesday’s Agenda an item regarding the development of a Fact Sheet on the City’s Ability to Address Development.  To the list of topics considered for inclusion, please expand the Comp Plan/LDR item to emphasize the following:


School capacity as covered in Strategy PS1.1.1 and PS 6.1.4 and Chapter 94 Concurrency Management and how they impact the City’s regulatory ability and responsibility on the timing of new development.

(copies attached of referenced items)


Thank you,


Mike Rafferty, Member

Venice Tax Watch





Sec. 94-1. – Definitions.

Development means any construction, reconstruction or use of land which requires the issuance of a development permit.

Development permit means any building permit, zoning permit, subdivision approval, rezoning, certification, special exception, variance, or any other official action of local government having the effect of permitting the development of land.


Sec. 94-3. – Concurrency management officer.

The city manager shall designate a concurrency management officer responsible for reviewing applications for development permits to determine that approval of such permits will not result in the reduction of levels of service below the minimum standards adopted by the city in its comprehensive plan.

(Code 1982, § 7-13(a); Ord. 2008-18, § 1, 9-23-08)

Sec. 94-31. – Required; exceptions. (a)

Certificate required prior to issuance of development permit. A certificate of concurrency shall be required prior to the issuance of any development permit. If a development will require more than one development permit, the issuance of a certificate of concurrency shall occur prior to the issuance of each development permit

Sec. 94-32. – Application.

Applications for development permits defined in section 94-1 shall first be submitted to the concurrency management officer for processing. An applicant for a certificate of concurrency shall provide all information required by the city so as to enable the concurrency evaluation to be made, including all of the information required in methodology for calculating projected demand for certificates of concurrency. A copy of such document, labeled “Exhibit A”, shall be kept on file in the office of the city clerk and in the planning department, and shall be available to the general public for inspection and copying.

(Code 1982, § 7-13(b); Ord. 2008-18, § 1, 9-23-08)

Sec. 94-35. – Minimum requirements for concurrency.(4)

Public school facilities.

  1. Applicability.All construction plans accepted on or after October 1, 2008, unless considered exempt development by this ordinance, shall be evaluated in terms of potential development impact on public school facilities. A determination shall be made as to whether or not sufficient available school capacity is available to support said development at or above the adopted level of service for these school facilities. Such a determination shall be made through the utilization of the following information produced by the planning and zoning department in coordination with the Sarasota County School District: