Venice:  Vice Mayor Daniels calls for stopping all usage of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer applications & the monitoring of outflow pipes for pollution



Venice:  Vice Mayor Daniels calls for stopping all usage of nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer applications & the monitoring of outflow pipes for pollution




September 11, 2018 Council Meeting Agenda item

Place: New Business Presenter: Vice Mayor Bob Daniels

Subject: Action to Deter the Impact of Red Tide in the Gulf


Background: The City of Venice is under siege with a Red Tide contamination of the entire 3 Miles of Gulf beach. This bacterium has been around since the 1700s and millions have been spent on the problem with no solutions. During City Councils special meeting on the Red Tide, Mote Marine scientists reported that they do not have solutions but they do know what some forces are that keep this algae alive. Food for the growth that keeps this Red Tide alive comes from certain fertilizers and bacteria. With that information coming from the scientific community, I propose that the City of Venice leaders immediately develop a plan to monitor all surface water systems such as outfalls, creeks, and septic systems that drain into the Gulf. Mote Marine scientists told us that fertilizers with nitrogen and phosphorous provide food for Red Tide. Septic systems leach bacteria into the Gulf which also provide food. Recently a citizen claimed that Veniceʼs storm sewer outfalls are polluting the Gulf which may add to the food source


The City must take more aggressive action on monitoring the surface water going into the Gulf. Having a monitoring system to analyze water draining into the Gulf and removing all septic systems will take concerted efforts on the City s part. Our City is being devastated with fish, birds and larger sea life being killed by the Red Tide. Already over 100 ton of dead fish has been removed from beaches and taken taken to the landfill. Restaurants, boutiques, hotels, fishermen, swimmers and all other aspects of tourism have been negatively effected. The economic impact to Florida is in the billions. Our city leaders need to institute bold action to alleviate this environmental catastrophe. City leaders can take the information that has been provided to them and utilize it to have some impact on this situation. City leaders may not have the all inclusive cure but can utilize the information about what feeds this algae and control its food source. With no food the Red Tide can be starved and hopefully be decreased or eliminated in the 3 miles of the gulf that borders Venice beaches. City leaders must team up immediately. and monitor surface water entering the Gulf to shut down the bloom food source.


Motion: I am proposing that anyone using nitrogen and phosphorous fertilizer applications stop. Also all surface water that flows into the Gulf from sources within the City of Venice must be monitored. This will assure that these sources (ten beach front island outfalls) are not adding contaminants that pollute the Gulf and provide food sources for the Red Tide. This should start October1, 2018 after the current band expires. Together the City Attorney and City Manager must lead this effort. Monthly agenda reports need to be given to council.



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