VIDEO: Jabez Spann’s family reacts to new case developments Sarasota Fl | Bill Warner Sarasota Fl Private Investigator 941-926-1926 


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Wednesday, December 06, 2017

The grandmother of a missing Sarasota teen reacts to the new developments in the case. NBC News Dateline: Fourteen-year-old football star Jabez Spann had nothing but opportunities in his future. But as the search for the missing Florida teen reaches the three-month mark, his family is left with nothing but questions. His mom, Tawana Spann, told Dateline she spoke to him that night. Tawana told Dateline that the next morning, Jabez’s maternal grandmother, with whom he lived, grew worried when she learned he hadn’t gone to school. 
 “He was a teaching assistant and a star football player,” Tawana said. “His career and football was what he really thrived off, so when he didn’t go to school, that’s when she got worried.” Tawana stayed up for the next 24 hours, trying to figure out where her son could be. She contacted all of his friends – nobody knew where Jabez was. Tawana called the police to report her son missing. “They put out a missing person’s alert – but then Hurricane Irma hit,” she said. “When Irma hit, that was the last time his cell phone pinged. After the hurricane, they realized this young man is missing for real.” 


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