War on American Heritage Is Escalating


War on American Heritage Is Escalating – New American

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Radicals have now turned their attacks upon a statue of Texas icon Sam Houston found in Hermann Park (shown) in the city of Houston, Texas. Previously, statues of several historical figures in American history, such as Christopher Columbus, Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, and Robert E. Lee, have all been targeted by leftists who will not be content until all vestiges of American heritage are eliminated from public view. These American Taliban even dislike the “Star Spangled Banner,” our beloved National Anthem.

A rally is planned in Houston on June 10 by a group calling itself Texas Antifa, arguing for the removal of the statue of Sam Houston, the famed hero of the Battle of San Jacinto, a battle that won Texas its independence from the tyrant Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna.

Why does this group want to bring down the statue of Houston? Houston owned as many as 12 slaves, and apparently that means all of his positive accomplishments must be scrubbed from memory in the same manner as the Taliban, which blows up images it does not like.

The group revealed its plans on Facebook recently, writing, “Comrades, we need to fight to remove the disgusting statues of ALL war criminals and slave owners. Texans want these statues removed!”

Some Americans are old enough to remember that “comrades” is a term often used by communists to refer to fellow communists. Although Antifa does not explicitly call itself communist, its members do ally themselves with fellow radicals, such as Black Lives Matter (BLM), stating,


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