We The People are Stepping In to Do Govt Jobs During Shutdown, BETTER and for FREE


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We The People are Stepping In to Do Govt Jobs During Shutdown, BETTER and for FREE – Free Thought Project

Groups from all over the United States have stepped in to do the job of the government during the shutdown and their doing it better.

We are now in week four of this partial government shutdown and the United States isn’t turning into a Mad Max scenario. There are, however, many inconveniences literally piling up across the country with trash and snow being the two main culprits at various national parks. But, proving that society doesn’t need the state to step in and do everything for them, groups of private volunteers have moved in to fill the void.

While the mainstream media continues to encourage the nation to argue over a border wall, decent, hard working individuals have come together to do the job of the currently shutdown government, and they’re doing it well. Below are just three of the amazing examples of private citizens showing the obsolescence of the state.

The first of these groups hails from Philadelphia, PA. Since the government shutdown, the bureaucrats who normally collect paychecks to empty the trash cans at national parks aren’t showing up so trash cans started overflowing. But fret not, the good folks over at Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association stepped in to do their job—for free.

“We found out about parks overflowing with trash on Wednesday,” Salaam Bhatti, a spokesperson for the Ahmadiyya Muslim Youth Association, said. “Our organization’s president asked regional presidents of our group to see what parks were in their area that they could help clean up.”

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