Advertising w The Scoop News

Be seen and heard advertising on The Uncensored Report

Should you advertise with The Scoop News?  I say yes and here is why……

  1. Get your company out in front of over thousands of engaged and potential customers, throughout Sarasota County, with a proven avg weekly reach of over 350,000 via my web site, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin and Instagram
  2. Since starting the website, there have been over three million visitors to my site, giving me a rough monthly avg visitors over 200,00 and that is with me not utilizing it like I should and will begin too. WHY AREN’T YOU A PART OF THIS?
  3. Post an engaging advertisement on any of my FB pages and socially engage with potential customers.
  4. Advertise on sites that offer more of a reach then the home town paper, local FB pages that try to imitate the scoop, local networking or even the local COC.
  5. Social media sites are key, to drive traffic to your sites.  If you don’t have one set up, I can do it for you within minutes.
  6. Great rates and even greater reach, compared to the other media.
    • The home town Venice paper charges $72.65 for 7 days in their paper and a photo.  That equates to $290.65/mth (3.11.17).   Our rates are far less, I give you an even greater reach, I will put your banner up on the web site, and I will share a posting of your choice once a week.  You get all of this for 140.65 less than the home town paper…………..
    • Herald charges between $12-$15 per thousand, which comes to $2,160/mth for 180,000 views.

Below are my rates or you can just send me a inquiry request at  


I have four plans below.  The plans have a monthly rate that is automatically billed each month and an annual rate, which gives you a 10% discount.  The rates are:

.  The static ads do not rotate out with others ads.